Sun West School Division Handbooks

Below is a listing of handbooks available to Sun West School Division staff and parents.
Please phone (306) 882-2677 if you are unable to find a handbook you are looking for.

Caretaker Handbook

Caretakers are an integral part of the support staff in the school and are responsible for the physical environment of the school and school property. Maintaining school cleanliness is the primary function of caretakers and these duties are listed in detail in this document. Secondarily but also important, are general building inspection and minor repair tasks.

Co-teaching Handbook

Co-teaching is a “service delivery model that is based on the philosophy of inclusive education and the principles of collaboration” (Anderson, 2008, p. 3). It provides “rich educational experiences that maximize the learning for all students” and helps provide students with special needs “greater access to the general education curriculum”.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Handbook

A Framework for Welcoming EAL Learners to Sun West School Division

Independent Education Program (IndEP) Handbook

The Independent Education Program operates as part of the local school program in Sun West School Division at off-site locations in Biggar, Kindersley, Outlook and Rosetown. The Independent Education Program consists of regular courses which accommodate the needs of students through an individualized program.

School Bus Driver Handbook

The purpose of this handbook, in conjunction with the Division Administrative Procedures, is to provide guidelines to Sun West School Division bus drivers to assist them in carrying out their duties of transporting students within the division. When this handbook is updated the revised copy will be placed on the Sun West School Division website.

School Bus Safety Handbook for Students/Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to use the Transportation Department cell phone and email address below with transportation questions or concerns. Both the cell phone and email are monitored daily.

School Library Handbook

The purpose of this document is to guide schools in the development of effective library programs. It articulates procedures and guidelines related to Sun West School Division libraries and advocates for effective school library programs as conveyed by the Ministry of Education.

School-Based Administrator Professional Practice Handbook

The purpose of professional practice is to improve and maintain the quality of service by assuring accountability for School-based Administrators.

Sport/Physical Activity Handbook

This handbook is intended for use for curricular and extra-curricular activities. All activities in this handbook, including those labeled as high risk activities, have been approved for use in Sun West Schools.

Student Diversity Handbook

Generally the delivery of services to students with exceptional learning needs is guided by the policy and procedures of the Board of Education. These policies and procedures outline the rationale for service delivery and the principles that teachers are to employ in this service delivery.

Technology Handbook

The use of technology in the Sun West School Division is intended to prepare our students to enter the 21st Century with the confidence, skills, and attitudes to be successful in an ever changing technological world. The Technology Handbook, as well as the Division’s Administrative Procedures (AP), provides guidelines to Sun West School Division staff in relation to processes involving technology requirements, supports, and for facility-related requests that involve technology.

Work-Based Learning Program Best Practice Handbook

The Work-Based Learning Program Handbooks assists teachers with organization and implementation of Career and Work Exploration and Off-site work-based courses. It includes portfolio documents, templates, and ideas which can be used and customized for classroom/placement use.