Casual Employment

If you are looking for an opportunity to supplement your income and/or are looking for valuable and meaningful work then working on a casual basis in the Sun West School Division may be right for you.

Sun West frequently needs individuals to fill in on a casual basis for employees who are absent for a variety of reasons. These positions include substitute teachers, spare bus drivers and casual caretakers, educational assistants, school librarians and school secretaries.

Applications for casual or substitute positions are accepted throughout the year. Processing of applications is done based on school needs and in the order in which they are received. Once an application has been approved, the applicant will be notified and documents will be requested for payroll purposes. These completed documents will be required prior to placement on the approved casual/substitute list and prior to employment in a school. To apply for casual or substitute positions, please select these positions from the "Position Desired' page of the online application.

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Sun West lists are updated and distributed to schools as required. For more information, please contact, Human Resources Manager, Michelle Leith, or Human Resources Officer, Janine Walker.

Substitutes may accept available sub days by logging in to AESOP, a web-based absence management and substitute booking system. The AESOP login icon can found on the Staff page of this website. For further information regarding AESOP, please refer to the Aesop Learning Centre for Substitutes

See below for information about specific positions.

Substitute teachers

Sun West seeks substitute teachers for both elementary classrooms and various high school subjects. These can include half-days, full days and multiple day opportunities.
Substitutes must be certified teachers.
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Spare bus drivers

Sun West requires spare bus drivers for all of its schools. Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license with “S” endorsement and must provide an SGI Driver’s Abstract. Sun West will provide training.
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Casual caretakers

Sun West requires casual caretakers in all of its schools. Opportunities may exist to work in more than one school. Sun West will provide all necessary training and work will be primarily caretaking with minor maintenance.
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Casual educational

Educational assistants are part of a team with classroom teachers and other staff to deliver and implement educational services that facilitate the integration, growth, learning, safety and comfort of students with intensive needs.
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Casual school

School secretaries work independently and with staff, students and the general public. A strong background in Microsoft Office, an understanding of basic accounting procedures and proven organizational ability are assets.
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Casual school

School librarians assist and support resource-based learning through library services such as ordering, cataloguing, filing, circulating and maintenance of all library materials and they ensure the proper use of library data systems.
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