Sun West School Division Office Staff

Sun West School Division Administrative Staff

Executive Assistant: Linda Klassen

Administrative Assistant: Bonnie Giles

Administrative Assistant: Renee Jeancart

Administrative Assistant: Andrea Dows

Administrative Assistant: Sondra Potratz


Responsible for schools, bus garages, maintenance and storage facilities, the Facilities Department maintains nearly 1,000,000 square feet of structures and the upkeep of more than 200 acres of school division property. The Facilities Manager and Facilities Supervisor along with ten maintenance staff including a journeyman plumber and electrician make repairs, hire and manage tradesmen and oversee construction projects. Under the umbrella of the Facilities Department are more than 50 caretakers. This committed group all strive towards the goal of creating and maintaining a safe, clean and comfortable environment for current and future generations of students.

Facilities and Information Technology Manager: Michael Zummack

Facilities Supervisor: Dave Adnam


Led by the Transportation Manager and Transportation Supervisor, the Transportation Department is responsible for 120 bus routes, 124 permanent drivers, over 150 spare drivers, 7 mechanics and the operation and maintenance of 173 buses.

The Transportation Department develops bus route maps, liaises with parents and protects the viability of attendance areas. The department also coordinates buses for extra-curricular trips and other student uses of school buses.

Transportation Manager: Rick McKeil

Transportation Supervisor: Darcy Freistadt


The business department oversees and manages Sun West's multi-million dollar annual budget, processes expense claims, purchases, invoices, purchase orders and a wide assortment of other financial transactions and arrangements.

Superintendent of Business: Ryan Smith

Business Supervisor: Jamie Cowell

Business Manager: Rhonda Saathoff

Accounting: Novalee Heatherington

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment of all Sun West employees to build a dedicated team of professionals to ensure the success of our students. The Human Resources Department consists of five professional staff. The Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Officer are involved in the negotiation, interpretation and implementation of the collective agreements pertaining to the employee groups in our division, recruitment and retention, and personnel issues. The Payroll Officers work as a team to ensure accurate payroll for approximately 1,100 employees including substitute and casual employees. The Employee Benefits Officer manages the employee benefit plan, Worker's Compensation claims, and other employee-related training and development.

Human Resources Manager: Michelle Leith

Employee Benefits Officer: Donna Adair

Payroll Officer: Mary Ann Matro

Human Resources Officer: Janine Walker

Payroll Officer: Trish Gray