Occupational Therapists

Sun West employs Occupational Therapists who work with schools to help develop programs for students who experience learning challenges surrounding issues of mobility, sensory skills and coordination.

Occupational therapy is a profession concerned with a person's ability to perform daily occupations, or activities of life. Occupations for a child in the school setting may include reading, writing, manipulation of tools, participation in physical activities, interacting with peers and independence in self-care activities. These areas are dependent on motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, visual-perception, attention, and sensory processing abilities. An occupational therapist works with the school team to improve the student's ability to participate in these tasks by helping the student develop these abilities, adapting the task and environment, or recommending assistive devices.

Sun West Occupational Therapists:

Megan Perrin-James
Candice Becker
Nikki Martens

For more information contact:

Meaghan Friedrick
Supervisor of Student Support Services

Sun West School Division
Phone: 1-866-375-2677
E-mail: meaghan.friedrick@sunwestsd.ca