Sun West Personalized Goals

Sun West schools consider the unique needs of each student through the creation of their own personalized growth plans. Students, at times, need extra supports to achieve their goals and this is why we added “personalized goals” into our action plans. The term “personalized" in Sun West means that students are involved in the process. We are actively working towards this.

A personalized goal (PG) is an individualized, data-driven goal with a specific target that will allow the student to work towards achievement expectations. PGs guide students from what they know to what they need to know. These personalized goals will help us target the specific areas where a student needs further support. This might be a targeted goal in reading, writing, or math or it may be a goal to support credit achievement in Grades 10, 11, or 12. The personalized goals may have short timelines, and others may be ongoing. No matter what the personalized goal may be, please be assured that our school and divisional supports, are there to help each and every student continue to grow in their skill and knowledge development.

To find out more about personalized goals visit: PG Guidebook