June 12, 2024

Dinsmore Student Has Poem Published

“Today,” a poem written by Abigail Friesen, a Grade 12 student from Dinsmore Composite School was recently published in Windscript Magazine.

Windscript is an annual publication of the the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild. It has been publishing the best of original writing from Saskatchewan high school students since 1983. Through Windscript, the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild supports fresh, original work by students writers. Click here for more information on Windscript.

This is the fourth time Abigail has been published in Windscript. Her story “A Mind Gone,” was published in the 2021 edition and in the 2022 edition both her poem “The Butterfly,” and her prose “Scribbles” were published.

Abigail said the following about her poem "Today," and why she wrote it. "I am a Grade 12 student who has always adored writing and looked to it as an outlet since childhood. I regularly write both poems and prose. This poem, in particular, utilizes a series of metaphors and vivid imagery to depict the speaker's struggle with self-acceptance, ending in their ultimate decision to refrain from self-harm. While I do not have personal experience with self-harm, I believe that grappling with self-image and self-acceptance are universal experiences. The emphasis on the word "today" illustrates the significance of the present moment and the transformative potential it holds, as the concept of taking one day at a time is a powerful approach when it comes to overcoming challenges."

Congratulations and excellent work Abigail!