June 6, 2024

Loreburn Students Exchange with Hamilton School

Loreburn Central School recently participated in an exchange program with Sherwood Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario. A group of students from Hamilton travelled to Loreburn at the beginning of May, where they were toured around the Loreburn/Elbow area focusing on agriculture, leadership, and school life. This included a trip to Moose Jaw to take in the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and other attractions as well as Lake Diefenbaker and Gardiner Dam. The students from Ontario reported being impressed by the wide open spaces in Saskatchewan that is so different from the urban world they are familiar with. At the end of May, a group of Loreburn students travelled to Hamilton, where they learned about the way of life in the big city! The trip to Hamilton included travelling to nearby Toronto and Niagara Falls! It was an extraordinary experience that showcased student leadership! All the students learned so much about the diverse ways of life in our country and lifelong friendships were made!