May 30, 2024

Students Consult with Board of Education

On May 28, the Sun West Youth Consultation Team made a presentation to the Sun West Board of Education at their regularly scheduled meeting. The YC Team provided an energetic and fun presentation while discussing several different ideas with the Board and they answered questions from Board members.

The Youth Consultation (YC) Team members present were Jan Nasibog from Rosetown Central High School, Karlee Swengler from Kindersley Composite School, AJ Brits from Davidson School, Bentley Atkinson from Elizabeth Middle School in Kindersley, Jossalyn Ziegler from Outlook High School, Ainsely Beattie from Dinsmore Composite School, Kameron Baker from Eaton School, Jessica Wells from Eston Composite School, Halaena Sarmiento from Elrose Composite School and Trudy Wiebe from Westcliffe Composite School in Marengo and in addition, Vincent Yakimoski and Hunter Garrioch of Loreburn Central School provided recorded video messages as they were unable to attend they were participating in a exchange program with a school in Hamilton, Ontario.

The YC Team reviewed the success of the Student Leadership Travelling Road Show that had been suggested by the YC Team the previous year. The Road Show had resulted in a large increase in participation in the Sun West Student Leadership Program and the students indicated they wanted to continue the program in the upcoming school year.

Last year, during the previous year, the YC Team also suggested creating an online Student Leadership Handbook and this year this has been their major project. The Handbook was unveiled to the Board and they reviewed the parts of the Handbook that are complete, while also discussing future expansion plans for this project.

The major suggestion made by the YC Team to the Board was the development of a Sun West Cultural Fair. They suggested the Fair could be held alternating years with the Career Fair. The Fair would provide the opportunity for the many different cultures within Sun West to showcase their traditions and practices.

The YC Team also introduced the Board to spirit activities that are often used in schools and at leadership conferences. The Board members were great sports and enthusiastic participants! You can watch a video of the meeting below.