January 15, 2024

Reality Check at Outlook High

On January 11, as part of the Sun West Career Development program, “Game of Life: Reality Check” was staged at Outlook High School (OHS). In this event, several local businesses helped Grade 11-12s learn about fiscal responsibility.

Students were given individualized Career Cards based on conversations with the Career Development teacher about their future plans for employment and schooling. They then went to the OHS gym where various local businesses had set up booths. Here the students made decisions based on their income and the options available at each booth. These kinds of life decisions included vehicle purchases, housing, groceries, entertainment, taxes and fees, wellness, clothing, charitable contributions, insurance, savings and investment, fuel and more. Students were also hit with “Life’s Surprises” that ranged from finding $20 in a winter jacket, to losing a week’s wages due to illness, to having a major appliance breaking down as well as a host of other calamities and pleasant surprises.

In the end, the students had to try to stay in budget based on their individual wages. While many students, with some careful planning, were able to live within their means, a good portion found it challenging, if not impossible to live how they wanted and had to quickly figure out they had to meet their needs before worrying about luxury items. Many had to go to the bank or financial advisor to help them figure out where to cut their costs and make different decisions. Needless to say, it was a bit of a “reality check” for many!

All in all, it was a great day of bringing together community businesses with their future taxpayers and business colleagues! OHS would like to thank: Remax Shoreline Realty, Regal Motors, Riverbend Co-op, AG Foods, Treena Lammers of Sun Life Financial, Shay Stephenson, A & E Enterprises, Jacq’y Jayes Boutique, Town of Outlook, RBC and all of the staff and volunteers who helped make the day a success for the students!