May 18, 2023

Presentations Made to Art Winners

Earlier this year, Sun West School Division held an art contest open to all Sun West students. Over 200 students entered the contest. Each of the winning pictures will be displayed at the Sun West School Division Office in Rosetown.

Click here for a story about the Sun West Art Contest including pictures of all the winning entries.

Winners were presented with a certificate of achievement and an Indigo gift card. Original artwork was returned to students and they had a chance to see the canvas print of their artwork that will be displayed at the Division Office.

On April 25, Board member Sue Lytle, Director of Education Vicki Moore and Executive Assistant Linda Klassen visited Dinsmore Composite School to recognize Harlie McNeely, a Grade 8 student, who was the runner up in the Grades 7-9 Category.

On May 4, Board Chair John Collins, Director Moore, Executive Assistant Klassen and Jill Long, the Assistant Superintendent responsible for Colony Schools, travelled to Clear Spring Colony School where they presented Caleb Kleinsasser, a Grade 3 student, with his certificate and gift card for being the runner up in the Prekindergarten to Grade 3 category.

On May 5, Board Chair Collins, Director Moore, Executive Assistant Klassen and Assistant Superintendent Long went to Cherry Grove School, Loreburn Colony to make presentations the remainder of the winners.Those recognized were Waylon Entz, a Grade 2 student who won the Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 category, Carlene Entz, a Grade 6 student who won the Grades 4-6 category, Adrian Wurtz and Adam Entz, Grade 5 students who tied for runner up in the Grades 4-6 category and Tanya Entz, a Grade 7 student who won the Grades 7-9 category.

“It was so wonderful to visit the schools and see how supportive and proud everyone in the school was of their winners.” said Director Moore, “It made the contest not just a worthwhile achievement for the individual winners but for all their classmates as well.”