September 14, 2022

​A Look on the Sunny Side!

Sun West students are on the forefront again! This week we are seeing the launch of what is one of, if not, the first student-led podcast in Saskatchewan.

The Podcast is called “The Sunny Side” and was produced by Farrah Low, a Grade 11 student at Davidson School. She started the project last school year as part of her Career Work Experience (CWEX) placement with a Sun West Communications staff member. Farrah was responsible for all elements of the podcast including branding, booking and conducting interviews, editing and all technical elements including arrangements to secure hosting and professional recording equipment.

The focus on the Sunny Side is student leaders in action and in the two episodes she completed as part of her work placement, she interviewed students involved in student leadership. In the first episode that has been just released, Farrah talks to Hunter Wightman and Harlee Tichit who were part of the Student Leadership Team at Davidson School. They share the importance of student leadership teams and how they help create connections that help students achieve goals and improve schools.

Farrah’s engaging interview style brings out the personalities of her fellow students and the Sunny Side podcast is an awesome listen, especially for students thinking about becoming involved in student leadership in their schools or as part of the Sun West Student Leadership Program.

Click here to listen to the first episode.

Click here for more information on the Sun West Student Leadership Program.