June 29, 2022

​New Principal at Loreburn Central School

Loreburn Central School will have a new Principal when school returns in the fall of 2022. Arlene Low, currently a Vice-Principal and Instructional Designer at the Sun West Distance Learning Centre as well as a Sun West Learning Consultant, will become the new Principal at Loreburn.

“Arlene has demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity and innovation at the DLC and across the entire Division,” commented Acting Director of Education Vicki Moore. “We look forward to seeing her good work continue in her new role as Principal at Loreburn Central School.” She added.

Mrs. Low earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 1998 and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. She also completed the Principal’s Short Course in 2016 and has avidly participated in professional development throughout her career. She has both participated and facilitated and organized workshops and other events in areas such as educational leadership, curriculum, assessment, instruction, Indigenous perspectives and technology.

Mrs. Low started her career teaching English as a second language to business people in Japan before returning to Saskatchewan where she taught middle years and high school Core French and English Language Arts in Elrose, Eston and Davidson schools. In 2012, she became a Sun West Learning Coach where she worked with teachers across the Division to provide support in the areas of curriculum, assessment, instruction and technology. In this capacity she was part of implementing 21st Century Competencies within Sun West. In 2018, she became a Vice-Principal and Instructional Designer at the Sun West DLC and in 2022 she added Sun West Learning Consultant to her responsibilities. Since 2020, she has been the Chair of the Sun West School Based Administrator’s Leadership Team, which includes all Sun West Principals and Vice-Principals.

Mrs. Low is a passionate educator who believes in the power of team. She is committed to provide engaging opportunities for students to take the lead in their learning by infusing the Sun West PeBL philosophy. By working together to share our expertise, to learn from each other, and to problem solve, she believes schools can empower students in the areas of achievement, engagement and wellness.

Mrs. Low is also widely known for involvement in the community. She is currently the Deputy Mayor of the Town of Davidson and her drama productions always receive rave reviews!

“I am thrilled to continue my professional journey as a member of the dynamic team at Loreburn School. I look forward to continuing the engaging traditions that this school community has created for their students and families.” Said Mrs. Low.