June 29, 2022

​New Principal at Big Rose Colony School

There will be a new Principal at the Big Rose Colony School in the upcoming 2022-23 school year. Linda Varty is excited to start this new role.

“Linda is very experienced and has been part of the Sun West team for many years and has worked in several of our schools,” explained Acting Director of Education Vicki Moore, “she has demonstrated her dedication to student learning and we are happy to have her in the position of Big Rose Colony Principal.”

Mrs. Varty holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan and started teaching in 1980. She began as Elementary Teacher in D'Arcy and Wiseton Schools and became the Principal of the Dinsmore Colony in 1987. Later she was the Principal at Brock Elementary and then the Cleland School on the Rosetown Colony. She also served as Principal of Harris-Tessier Central School before becoming the Vice-Principal of Walter Aseltine School in Rosetown. During her career Mrs. Varty served on committees of the Saskatchewan Hutterian Educators’ Association and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, as well as a local STF Counsellor.

Mrs. Varty retired in 2014 and for eight years afterwards was a Practicum Facilitator with the University of Saskatchewan. In this role she coordinates internships between Sun West and the University of Saskatchewan College of Education. She also did some substitute teaching and some temporary teaching and administration contracts.

“In total, I have taught in ten schools in the Division and the amalgamated division--each school bringing its own challenges and adventures.” Said Mrs. Varty. “Through the last 40 years I have continued to learn about this profession I am very proud to be a part of, worked with many talented and dedicated people who I continue to learn from, watched the growth and development of many students and had the opportunity to meet and work with many different communities and parents who are continually supporting schools.” She added.

“As I step into this new position, I want to thank the Division for their ongoing support of my efforts in education,” she said, “the many people that I have learned so much from and who have allowed me to take risks and most importantly the students who have given me so much inspiration to keep trying, to love what I do and who make me laugh and feel loved. I hope that I have been able to "pay it forward" to some of those I have worked with.”

“I am excited to start a "new adventure" in Big Rose. Every school I work in teaches me something new and Big Rose will give me the opportunity to explore areas I have never worked in before. Change is good!” She concluded.