June 9, 2020

Davidson wellness project promotes togetherness

The necessity of physical isolation while often challenging has led to many positive developments all across the Sun West School Division.

One of the dynamic activities that has emerged is the Davidson Raiders Wellness project that has generated a lot of excitement and fun in the Davidson community. The project features a wide assortment of pictures and videos covering a diverse range of activities that are shared across Facebook and Instagram in addition to weekly updates shared on Seesaw for K-9 families. The pictures above are from three of the Wellness project posts.

Kristin Dolman, a middle years Art and Health teacher at Davidson School is one of the Davidson School staff members who brought this project to life. Kristin explained: “We wanted to create a wellness support for families as we navigated through learning at home. Our goal was to draw from Practical and Applied Arts (PAA), Physical Education, Health and Art in a fun and engaging way.”

“We wanted to stay connected to families and students,” she added, “[to] remind them we are still here and thinking about them. It’s a crazy time, so we wanted to make sure we all were staying positive and staying connected to students and families.”

Kristin works with a team that includes middle years/senior teacher Garrett Baily, Principal Jason Low, Physical Education and PAA teacher Kim Rettger and Child and Youth Councillor Kerri Fedyk to deliver a steady stream of educational and entertaining posts that have kept students engaged and helped maintained a sense of community. Posts don’t just come from this group, however, as many students and other Davidson School staff have contributed videos, pictures and art. Kristin commented: “Everyone is working so hard and it has been a team effort and It has been a collaborative effort! I am so lucky to be able to work with an amazing group of colleagues!”

Activities that the Davidson Raiders Wellness project has initiated include numerous spirit days that have had excellent participation. These included a Twin Day, a Hometown Spirit Day, a Pajamas and Pet Day, Tacky Hair Day, Reality vs. Fiction Day, Hippie Day and Favourite Sports Team Jersey Day. Other highlights have included a Creativity in the Kitchen where everyone shared pictures of favourite foods or recipes. Numerous videos featured fun on the farm and PAA challenges such as checking the oil levels on your vehicles as well as many physical fitness challenges. Every Thursday, Councillor Kerri and Henley the Wellness dog offer tips on topics like positive body image, what to do when you are feeling down and gratitude journals. With over 90 posts and growing, all this just scratches the surface of what has been going on at the Davidson Raiders Wellness project!

“We didn’t have a goal [when we started,]” stated Kristin, “at the start we really didn’t know how many families would engage or participate. Given amount of response that we are getting – it has exceeded our expectations. [There has been] lots of positive comments from families and community members. Staff has been leading by example and the initiative is something we hope to continue and keep building on.”