April 6, 2020

​Kenaston students still showing spirit

Social media is often full of gloom and endless warnings but Kenaston students are using social media to spread some good news!

When Saskatchewan schools were closed on March 20, Eric, Brady and Emily Menzies from Kenaston School, were having a hard time not seeing their friends and missing out on sports and other school activities. To spread some positivity they came up with the idea of having spirit days and sharing their activities on the Kenaston School SLT Facebook page. It didn’t take long for other families in Kenaston to join in and pretty soon many students and parents were sharing stories, pictures, videos and Facebook live events.

Every week spirit themes are designated for each day of the week. In the first week, Eric, Brady and Emily launched the Kenaston at Home Spirit Week Challenge stating: “Let’s bring some joy back to social media!” With theme days that included Pajamas Day, Cartoon Day, Team Colour, Sports Day and Hat or Kodiak Day, many students got into the fun and posted pictures.

The second spirit week was sponsored by the Gasper family and included an Art Day, Wacky Hair and Sock Day, Career Day, Talents/Tricks Day and a Goosechase using a cool online app! Art Day inspired students to share crafts, painting, music and dance. Spirit Week can be quite flexible as evidenced by one student who selected restoring a 1974 Yamaha motorcycle as his art project. According to his mother: “He said... the art of restoring an old dirt bike. I say the art of learning!”

It is great that even though the students can’t work together in the classroom right now that with their families then can still share their learning. We look forward to hearing more from Kenaston students!

In the pictures above: Kenaston students demonstrated a wide variety of career aspirations on Career Day. Some choices included teachers, a professional ball player, a referee, chefs, a veterinarian, ballerinas, potash miners, a farmer, a beach shop owner, sales people and a mechanic.