April 3, 2020

​Talking to Youth Live in Outlook

Just prior to the pause, a Talking to Youth Live (TTYL) event was held in Outlook.On March 12 nearly 100 grade eight students from Outlook, Davidson, Kenaston and Loreburn participated in TTYL events and games held at a local church.

TTYL events are partnerships between Sun West and the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and are coordinated and facilitated by Liza Dahl, the Sun West Addictions Educator. TTYL involved many mental health professionals including Sun West Child and Youth Counsellors, SHA Addictions Counsellors, SHA Mental Health Counsellors, a SHA Psyche Nurse and a SHA Population Health Promotion Coordinator.

TTYL uses a games format, where the students rotate in small groups between various sessions. Topics raised through these games include impairment, choices and consequences, mental health, addictions, practical ways to maintain mental wellness, and peer/community supports, within the overall theme of mental health and addictions.

The recent Outlook included a presentation from Brad Siroski. Brad, grew up in the Kenaston area and the students found his stories about personal experiences with addictions and abuse very compelling. Games the students participated in included life-size versions of Ker-Plunk, Jenga and Snakes and Ladders as well as obstacle courses where the students had to drive tricycles with goggles and mitts on to simulate impairment.

The Outlook TTYL was the last Sun West TTYL of the 2019-20 school year. TTYLs had been held in Rosetown, Elrose and Kindersley earlier in the year.

TTYLs are valuable learning experiences as well as a lot of fun!