March 10, 2020

Head and Heart presentations at Outlook High School

On Monday, February 10, grades 6-12 students at Outlook High School (OHS) had the opportunity to hear a very personal and powerful presentation on mental health from Landan Waite with Head and Heart Saskatchewan. Head and Heart is a new apparel line designed to raise awareness about mental health issues and help end the stigma surrounding these issues. One hundred per cent of all proceeds from the sale of the apparel supports mental wellness programs in schools around Saskatchewan. Landan started Head and Heart as a tribute to his sister who died by suicide and to ignite conversations surrounding mental health.

Landan was brought to OHS by the Child and Youth Counselor in cooperation with the OHS School Community Council. He spoke to each grade individually and also provided a presentation after school for parents and the community. Landan told his sister’s story and how her death impacted those she loved. His message to students was to keep talking about mental health, get help and be kind to each other because you never know what someone else is going through.

Landan also donated eight Head and Heart apparel items to the school that were put in a draw for students later in the month.

Pictured above: Outlook High School students who received Head and Heart apparel provided by Landan Waite as part of his Head and Heart presentations.

The video below tells the story of Head and Heart.