March 6, 2020

​Pink Shirt Day celebrated at Outlook Elementary School

Pink Shirt Day provides communities the opportunity to focus on the importance of being kind to one another. It started at a school in Nova Scotia when two students responded to an incident where another student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt by organizing a hundred other students in their school to wear a pink shirt the next day. Pink Shirt Day has now grown and is celebrated across Canada, the United States and many other countries.

Outlook Elementary School (OES) celebrated Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 26. The OES School Community Council (SCC) generously purchased pink t-shirts for every student and staff member in the school in order recognize the importance of treating others with kindness. Each student and staff member was invited to decorate their own t-shirts in a way that promoted kindness and support of others.

OES Pink Shirt Day was kicked off with a school-wide assembly where everyone gathered to hear the original story of Pink Shirt Day and participated in a talk-show like activity where the students learned how best to respond with kindness to different scenarios. It was a lot of fun and some students got to speak on a microphone for the very first time. The assembly concluded with Mrs. Amewotowu’s class leading the school in song “Put Your Hand In My Hand,” while also using American Sign Language (ASL). It was a powerful moment as the audience joined in and even used ASL themselves, which we hope left a lasting impression on everyone present.

Pictured above: Outlook Elementary School students and staff dressed in the pink shirts purchased for them by the OES SCC.