June 19, 2019

Retirements and other departures

Sun West wishes to recognize the following dedicated individuals who have either retired this year or who will be retiring by the end of this school year. Each of these remarkable people made a huge difference in the lives of young people and will be greatly missed. We wish them all the best in their well-deserved retirements.

Jim Angelopoulos, Bus Driver - Biggar Central School 2000

Tricia Darroch, Teacher - Biggar Central School 2000

Sharon Hollman, Teacher - Biggar Central School 2000

Penny McCallum, Educational Assistant - Biggar Central School 2000

Linda Simon, Bus Driver - Dinsmore Composite School

Gerri Holmes, Bus Driver - Eston Composite School

Corlyn Lambert, Teacher - Eston Composite School

Nora Turner, Librarian - Eston Composite School

Sonia Howells, Bus Driver - Kenaston School

Darlene Remmen, Bus Driver and Educational Assistant - Kenaston School

Kathy Zdunich, Secretary - Kenaston School

Richard McLeod, Mechanic - Kindersley Bus Garage

Darwin Whitfield, Bus Driver - Kindersley Schools

Michele Whitfield, Educational Assistant - Kindersley Composite School

Barb Moore, Bus Driver - Kyle Composite School

Sue Ann Abbott, Librarian - Loreburn Central School

Doug Schan, Bus Driver - North West Central School

Carol Britnell, Vice-Principal - Outlook Elementary School

Tammy Pannell Haugen, Teacher -Outlook High School

Kathy Friesen, Vice-Principal - Westberry School

Sun West also has three principals who are leaving the Division. We would also like to thank and recognize the following for their hard work and contributions to the welfare of our students.

Amanda Bricker, Principal - Smiley Colony School

Tom Carpenter, Principal – Prairieland Colony School

Deb deCaux, Principal – Elrose Composite School

Christine Krahn - Principal - Springfield Colony School