June 19, 2019

Continuing the PeBL journey

This year the Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL) journey has focused on supports, resources and communication. PeBL is not a “thing” we do sometimes, but rather an educational philosophy that, at its core, brings together great educational practices that we are already doing in our learning environments. No matter where you are on journey, we have supports in place to help you, your students, parents and community better understand PeBL.

Supports PeBL Mentors provide personalized supports in each school to ensure that all staff have what they need for their PeBL journey. This year, PeBL Mentors focused on networking (resource and expertise sharing), reading and writing, working collaboratively with student support teachers and looking at developing alignment opportunities, so, that communication between teachers regarding student skills and knowledge building is transparent. Mentors will be sharing their work on June 19th at our annual reflection day. All resources shared will be video recorded and shared in the Sun West Resource Bank for anyone to use.

Triads were developed this school year to bring together a team to support students at each of the three RTI levels. Members of the Triad are PeBL Mentors, Student Support Teachers and School Administrators. One of the main roles of the Triad is to determine who is taking the lead in supporting learners. On May 24, all PeBL Mentors and one teacher from each school participated in a professional learning day led by Future Design School. Our PeBL Philosophy, though our language is slightly different, is very much the same philosophy as Future Design School.

The PeBL Mentor role will continue next year. The focus areas will be on assessment and math as well as 21st century competencies and collective responsibility. As always, we focus on all areas of the PeBL Implementation Framework.

For the 2019-2020 school year we have been provided with two extra non-student contact days for professional learning. In an effort to provide time for personalized professional learning opportunities, collaboration and networking as well as time to develop much needed classroom supports, we are launching Professional Learning Communities. Similar to the work that was done on May 24th with Future Design School, the PLC’s will have a leader and will work with their PLC to develop an achievable goal for their work during the PLC days. Teachers will walk away from the PLC days with a network of colleagues interested in the same area of focus as well as resources that are needed to support growth or fill gaps regarding the PLC topic.

Communication As a division we have listened to staff and community members regarding their concerns and questions about PeBL. To help with understanding of the PeBL philosophy, we have developed two videos to explain it all. If you haven’t already sat down to watch these videos, please take some time to do so. You will see that PeBL is something already happening in your learning environments or maybe find some ideas that will enhance what you are doing. If you have any questions, please chat with your PeBL Mentor.

Continuum of Learning Video for Staff: https://resourcebank.ca/authoring/197-continuum-of-learning-video-a-clear-explanation-of/view

Continuum of Learning Video for Parents and Community: https://resourcebank.ca/authoring/1829-continuum-of-learning-for-parents-video-discussion/view


Discover our Resource Bank Hubs geared towards topics that really matter to us: https://resourcebank.ca/hubs/

The PeBL Hub: https://resourcebank.ca/hubs/pebl

Pathways to personalized learning: This chart will help you get started with Personalized Learning (PL) - even if you’re a bit unsure. It looks at ways you can just dip your toe into PL, put your leg into PL or jump all in! https://resourcebank.ca/authoring/753-pathways-to-personalized-learning/view

How is the PeBL Philosophy similar to others? Here is a taste:

The Learning Compass 2030 defines the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that learners need to fulfil their potential and contribute to the well-being of their communities and the planet: http://resourcebank.ca/courses/learning-compass-2030/view

PeBL Mentor Teams have continued this year and were mainly focused on ELA, Math and 21st Century Competencies. Check out the Resource Bank article to find out more about all the amazing resources that were developed for you this year! https://resourcebank.ca/groups/