June 17, 2019

New at the Sun West Resource Bank

The Sun West Resource Bank has flourished since its launch in the fall of 2018. Since that time, the number of high quality resources available has grown to approximately 17,000.

Our very own dedicated Sun West teachers have created many of these exceptional resources. There are many new and exciting areas to explore, but we would like to draw your attention to four specific areas that you may find useful.

New Hubs There are some very interesting new hubs under development. You can find great resources by exploring collections of resources within these hubs. New hubs include Agriculture in the Classroom, Monthly Musts and Suggested Reads, Parent Connections, and Sun West Triads. We will be developing a new hub in the future in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) next school year. These new Hubs complement the existing FNME, Student Support, 21st Century Skills and PeBL hubs.

21st Century Skills Group This group has created guidebooks for the 21st Century Competences. The guidebooks were created at three levels for Kindergarten to Grade 5, Grade 6 to 9 and Grade 10 to 12. These valuable resources look at over thirty areas including explicit teaching, lesson plan ideas, integration, and tracking growth. You can find these guidebooks in our featured collections (click Discover, then Collections), as well as in the related group and hub.

PeBL ELA Team Group This group has created a wealth of valuable resources for everything ELA from Professional Learning Resources, Writing Exemplars, Rubrics, Grammar Scope & Sequences, Course Maps, Curriculum at a Glance, Tracking Sheets and more.

MySchoolSask Group This group will support teachers in implementing MySchoolSask next year. New video tutorials and updates will be added regularly to this group. A discussion area will also allow you to reach out to your colleagues for assistance and support as needed.

To access The Sun West Resource bank to go resourcebank.ca.To access hubs, select the Hubs tab at the top of the site & to access groups, select the Groups tab at the top of the site.

We look forward to the continued growth and development of this amazing collection of resources in the future!