June 16, 2019

Exciting times at the Sun West DLC

2018-19 was another banner year for the Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) and plans in place for the upcoming school year promise even more excitement!

In June, SaskPower announced it was providing scholarships with a total value of $5,500 to go to second year DLC Power Engineering students. These funds are being divided evenly to the seven second year students who will use the funds to partly cover the costs of Saskatchewan Polytechnic training that is a requirement of the power engineering certification process. Click here for more information on DLC Power Engineering courses.

Mental Wellness 30L is a new online credit course developed by the DLC and approved by the Ministry of Education. The course is a response to the lack of mental wellness resources within the Saskatchewan education system, particularly in rural and other isolated communities. It is generating tremendous interest from students, parents and mental health providers. Click here for more information on Mental Wellness 30L.

These are only a few of the course options available to Sun West students through the DLC.

Registrations for the fall are in full swing and students may want to consider one or more of our other new courses:

Animation 30; Agriculture Equipment Technician 30L; and Agriculture and Sustainable Food Production 20

In addition the following established courses have been refreshed to improve the learning experience for students:

Graphic Arts 20; Field Crop 20; and Cow-Calf 20.

Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) Pathways is also a potential valuable tool that the DLC makes available to Sun West middle-years students. Currently we have the following 25 hour modules available in the following areas: Computer Drafting and Design; Photography; Project Run Way: An Introduction to Fashion Design; Graphic Arts: Cartooning and Illustration; Graphic Arts: Storyboarding; Computer Science: Coding in Javascript; Computer Science: Coding in HTML/CSS; and Exploring the World of Agriculture.

The DLC also has the following modules ready to be launched in the fall of 2019: Outdoor Education; Wildlife Exploration; Clothing, Textiles: Knitting; Communication Media: Animation; Social Media Content Creators.

For more information on these and other DLC courses, phone 306-252-1000 or www.sunwestdlc.ca.