May 10, 2019

District Junior Badminton Tournament

The Junior District Badminton Championships for West Central were hosted at Rosetown Central High School on Saturday, April 13th. The Championship saw the 1st and 2nd place of each category from the four Sections compete. With representation from a wide variety of schools from throughout the Division, the players gave their all competing against each other while displaying sportsmanship.(Front row Mixed Doubles and Girls Doubles)

Mixed Doubles Reece Tastad and Dylan Gluebis - (Loreburn Central School)

Girls Doubles Irish Espino and Sadie Gillis - (Rosetown Central High School)

Boys Singles Kayden Ostrom - (Rosetown Central High School)

Boys Doubles Autin Burton and Nate Gowan - (Rosetown Central High School)

Girls Singles Kennedy Sopczak (Biggar Central School 2000)