Box 65 2nd Street East, Marengo SK, S0L 2K0
Phone: 306-968-2939


Top (L-R): Michaella, Luke
Bottom (L-R): Sidney, Colby, Emily W, Sarah M, Nicole
Top (L-R): Cassidy, Brittney, Chelsea, Emily W, Niki, Rachel, Erin
Bottom (L-R) Brock, Lane, Kreo, Josh

President: Luke Medve                                       

Vice President: Sarah Wildman

Treasurer: Sydney Martin

Secretary: Colby Jeffries

Members: Brock Holland, Cassidy Maffenbeier, Chelsea Martin, Sidney Martin, Colby Jeffries, Kreo Warrington, Brittney Fischer, Josh Kiss, Nikita May, Erin May, Emily Winter, Sidney Martin, Nicole Robbie, Michaela Applin, Luke Medve, Emily Wildman, Sarah Mears, Sarah Wildman, and Lane Dafoe.

Advisers: Mr. Brown, Ms. Verge, and Ms. Parry.        

             Westcliffe Composite School’s S.L.C or Student Leadership Council is in charge of planning the school’s events like Food drive, the Christmas carnival, and spirit days.