My School Sask

MySchoolSask is a student information system that is in the process of being adopted by all Saskatchewan schools. Sun West School Division moved to MySchoolSask in 2019-20. Similar to PowerSchool, our previous Student information system, this system has a portal where parents can access information about their children’s marks, attendance, upcoming events, report cards and other information.

The first time that a parent logs in to the MySchoolSask, they must use a computer as it cannot be accessed on a mobile device (ipad or cell phone) for the first login. After successfully logging in on a computer, parents or students can then use a mobile device to access MySchoolSask.

The link below provides access to MySchool Sask. There are also direct links on the Sun West website home page and the on the staff page.

Click here to go to MySchoolSask.

Please note, there is currently no mobile application (app) available to access MySchoolSask so when using your phone or tablet, you must use your browser to access the site. The layout of the page will adjust to the type of device you are using.

Login information has been sent directly to email addresses that the school has on file for parents. In your first login, parents will be asked to update their password. At this time, you may change the password to a log in you prefer.

Sun West has compiled a booklet to assist users navigate MySchoolSask.

Click here to view and download a PDF copy of the booklet.