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JR Football


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This year there are 34 boys and girls Grades 7 and 8 playing Jr Football. Our focus is on learning the game of football and starting to understand the importance of teamwork and practice. We don’t keep an official score during our games at the Jamborees that we go to.

We have been to two Jamborees so far this year. Our first Jamboree was in Outlook on September 19th. We played two games and learned a lot, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The intensity during our games was so great to see! Our second was in Davidson on September 26th. We got to play three games at this jamboree, and it was a great experience for our players. We showed a lot of growth in just one week.

Our last Jamboree will be in Rosetown on October 3rd. We will again be playing 3 games and will look to improve once more!

Our final game will be on October 9th at 5:00, right before the Sr Football game under the lights.

As a team we are selling raffle tickets through Football Sask. The tickets cost $2 and the grand prize is a trip for four to the Grey Cup this year. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please get ahold of one of the Jr Football players, or you can ask me for tickets as well.

This year we have 34 students participating:

Bergerman, Hunter
Charpentier, Luc
Churchman, Hayden
Cornet, Sam
Crossman, Carsan
Danilkewich, Slate
Deobald, Bryn
Dube, Kane
Ediger, Preston

Hannay, Mitch
Hrycan, Kaleb
Hunter, Bryden
Keith, Clayton
Leith, Ryan
Linklater, Zach
Martens, Marcus
Martens, Noah
McCann, Brendan

McNally, Jesson
Minish, Brendan
Moore, Tyler
Mourre, Jackson
Mutlow, Samuel
Nisbet, Shay
Norval, Belg
Olivier, Connor
Ostrom, Grady

Piermantier, Nick
Rieger, Nykolas
Robbie, Eric
Sigstad, Conner
Sparks, Justin
Tabadura, John
Wakefield, Tristan
Welch, Corey
Wiebe, Daniel

Mr Carlson
Mr Wintonyk
Beaumont Sinclair (RCHS Football Alumnus)
Preston Olson, Brett Coben, Alex Lloyd, Morgan Sparks, Brendan Paproski (Sr Football Players)

Information sent in by Mr Carlson, September 2015.