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03Nov 2017

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

We are once again at that time of year to have what many simply refer to as Parent Teacher Interviews.  Many parents are old hands at this process at RCHS, but with each year we get many parents who are new to the process.  The following information will hopefully help you out. 

When:   Tues Nov 7th 5:30pm – 8:00pm  and  Wed Nov 15th (the next week) 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Where:   The following teachers will be located in the Gymnasium:  Ms. P. Berezowski, Mr. R. Berezowksi, Ms. J. Moore, Mr. B. Cuff, Ms. J. Clark, Ms. C. Hounjet,  Mr. J. McPhee, Ms. A. Poletz, Mr. M. Wintonyk.
The following teachers will be located in the Common Area/Theatre:  Mr. K. Carlson, Ms. R. Frick-Davis, Mr. J. Danz, Mr. K. Dows, Mr. G. Paproski, Mr. J. Sopczak, Ms. R. Stein, Ms. K. Wenaas.
Ms. D. Bergerman and Ms. L. Michelman will be located in Room 112.

How it works:   At RCHS the teachers are located in three general areas (as listed above).  When you want to see a specific teacher you go to where they are located and have a seat in the chairs set up in the waiting area for each teacher, indicating you are the next up.  If there is another parent already in that spot, you are welcome to wait in the general seating area until that spot opens up.

Reservations?   Parents do not have to pre-book or sign up for interviews ahead of time.  It is first come/first serve from 5:30pm until 8:00(on the 7th) and until 8:30 (on the 15th).  If your goal is to see all of your child’s teachers, we suggest showing up early.  The least busy time is 5:30pm-6pm.

Time Limits?   There is no perfect amount of time to set for an effective interview.  In talking to a number of parents, the following guidelines they gave made good sense:

          Try to keep an interview to 5-7 minutes.  If not done after 5 min, let the teacher know you have more to cover and will try to stop back after seeing other teachers (which allows others parents to have their 5 min of interview time)  OR  let the teacher know you would like to book an appointment to meet privately where you can discuss the issues.

          If you have a teacher who teaches your one child more than one subject OR if you have more than one child with that teacher, please try to keep to the 5-7 minutes.

Parent/Teacher/STUDENT – yes, student!  For the last couple of years, we have been encouraging and expecting students to be part of the process.  We want them attending the conference and be part of the discussion and sharing of what is being accomplished and help explain their own areas of strengths and areas seeking improvement or support.