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Student Support Services

Student Support Services personnel in Sun West School Division assist students to become successful, happy, well-rounded individuals. The Student Support Services team includes Educational Psychologists, an Addictions Educator, Speech and Language Pathologists, Student Support Consultants and an Occupational Therapist. The Student Support Services team provides Sun West students with a full-range of professional services to help them with any issues that may arise, which could impact their education.
The Student Support Services team cooperates with school administrators, teachers, support staff and parents to support students and ensure: “Success for all“.

Student Support Services Contact

Student Support Services Supervisor: Carole Butcher

Student Support Consultants

Base Office

Marion Elliott

Walter Aseltine School

Michelle Olivier

Kindersley Composite School

Elizabeth Pfeiffer


Child & Youth Counsellors

Shelley Barton

Outlook Elementary School

Erin L. Swan

North West Central School

Shelley Eckstein

Eaton School

Amanda Merkosky

Rosetown Central High School

Stephanie Smith

Biggar Central School 2000

Shannon McJannet

Dinsmore Composite School

Sue Mills

Kenaston School

Shannon Peardon

Outlook High School

Jeannine Hallborg

Eston School

Jacqueline Pollard

Kindersley Composite School

Kristin Lefebvre

Rosetown Central High School

Kara Carlson

Walter Aseltine School

Janelle Kappeller

Beechy School

Cynthia Germaine Rosetown  

Addictions Educator

Liza Dahl

Office Davidson School


Occupational Therapist

Megan Perrin

Walter Aseltine School



Jolee Kambeitz

Harris-Tessier Central School

Deanne McKenney

Kenaston School

Tannis Lehman


Amanda Merkosky

Walter Aseltine School


Physical Therapist

Barb Hurlburt



Speech-Language Pathologists

Cinthia Hill

Walter Aseltine

Linda Poletz

Kindersley Composite School

Katie Schlosser

Outlook Elementary School 

Joelle Norris

Walter Aseltine School

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