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Parent and community involvement in education are crucial to student success! Through School Community Councils, the Sun West School Division partners with parents and the community to improve the quality of education offered in each Sun West School.

SLIP PLAN School Learning Improvement Plan

School Community Councils in Sun West and throughout the province are working with school staffs to help students improve achievement. In Sun West, all schools have focused on achievement in the literacies of reading, math and writing, and many schools have targeted other areas for improvement as well. The process for improvement is a simple one – students, teachers, and parents realize that there is an area where student achievement is not as good as it should be, we put our heads together to think of what sort of things we can do to helps students achieve at a higher level, we put our plans into action, and we check to see how much students have grown.
In Sun West, School Community Councils play a critical role in helping schools with improvement planning. Each fall, SCC members are invited to join the staff in the development of the School Learning Improvement Plan (usually called the SLIP Plan), and contribute a parent and community perspective into areas for improvement. This planning results in actions that the staff takes with students and parents, actions that the SCC takes with students and parents, and actions where the staff and SCC working together. In May, the SCC assists with the preparation of the SLIP Annual Summary, a document that shows what gains in achievement were realized over the course of the year. In June, 2012, Sun West will hold its first ever Literacy Fair, where students, teachers, SCC members, the Board of Education, and school-based administrators will come together in Rosetown to celebrate the gains we have made and learn from others’ work.
Work in School Learning Improvement is a critical part of the 2006 changes from the Local Board of Trustees model to the School Community Council model in Saskatchewan. Sun West students are doing better all the time, but we still have lots of room for improvement.
Want to join us in helping our kids achieve our vision of “Success for all”? Get involved with your local School Community Council!

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance

For your convenience, we have made arrangements for families to voluntarily purchase student accident insurance through the Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance program, underwritten by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance offers protection against the unexpected costs of injury from accidents, and is especially valuable for families who:
•    do not have medical or dental plans, 
•    have limited plans, as it may help supplement health and dental benefits, or 
•    have active children who enjoy sports and outdoor activities. 
Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance has a selection of plans to suit most budgets. Benefits include coverage for:
•    The full school year (September to September), 24 hours a day, whether at school or at home; 
•    Expenses that are often limited or not covered by private or group insurance plans, or Provincial Health Insurance Plans - such as ambulance, physiotherapy, private tutoring, counselling, and much more; 
•    Injury-related dental treatment (including future dental treatment up to age 26); 
•    Out-of-province or country emergency medical expenses. 
If your address changes during the school year, your Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance plan is transferable from school to school, anywhere in Canada.
Insurance premiums are $13.50 and $31.95 per year, depending on the plan selected, and your child is covered all the time, not just while at school. A discounted premium is available for families with 3 or more children.
For more information or to apply online, please visit, or speak with a Kids Plus™ Client Service Administrator at 1-800-556-7411.

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance Enrollment Form

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