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September 22, 2017

Websites to View:

  1. Recess Guardians
  2. McDowell Foundation Research Grant Applications

For Your Information:

1. Grade 7 Reading Assessment

The Grade 7 Reading Assessment will be occurring this fall during October 10th to October 31st.  The materials will be out to your schools October 4th.  Scoring of these assessments will take place in Rosetown at the Learning Centre on Thursday November 16th and 17th.  

We are looking for some help with the scoring. If you can be of assistance in this process please email to let her know you are able to help out.  Please remember you do not need to be teaching grade 7 or administering the assessment either to be involved in the scoring process.

2. Vetavision 2017!

The University of Saskatchewan’s Vetavision 2017 will hold at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (52 Campus Drive, Saskatoon), on September 29-30. Vetavision is a student run public open house that is held every two years. It provides the public with the opportunity to learn more about animal health, the diverse aspects of the veterinary profession, and the important roles that veterinary professionals play in animal health, public health, food safety, and ecosystem health. Teachers could benefit from the opportunity to take their classes on field trips to this event. Vetavision is fun, informative and a great educational opportunity for the students. The students will have opportunities to interact with the animals (for example, the fistulated cow, which has a hole into its stomach, is always a star attraction!). Tours for groups can be arranged through You can find more information at or on Facebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

3. Supporting Reconciliation in Saskatchewan Schools

In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, the Ministry of Education developed an online resource to support educators in learning and teaching about the legacy of residential schools and reconciliation called “Supporting Reconciliation in Saskatchewan Schools.” This resource was released in the spring of 2017. The website can be accessed through the link on the Saskatchewan curriculum website or directly at

A new resource, “Shattering the Silence,” can be found on the website. “Shattering the Silence” is a Saskatchewan Project of Heart interactive ebook that uncovers the history of Indian residential schools in Saskatchewan. Written in 2017 by the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina, this free ebook discovers the reality of residential schools in Saskatchewan. It is a great resource for teachers, students and the community that covers many topics and all the residential schools in the province. The Ministry of Education supported this project by providing curricular connections for the ebook as well as by creating inquiry starters. This work will enable teachers to use this resource with their students in grades 6 to 12. The ministry is also supporting the French translation of this ebook so that all teachers will be able to use it in their classrooms. Click here to learn more about this resource and to download your free copy today.

Contact: Susan Nedelcov-Anderson, 306-787-6089,


4. October is Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan!

Agriculture Month 2017 is right around the corner. In keeping with the Our Food Has a Story theme that was introduced last year, October is a time to celebrate food in Saskatchewan. It’s also a time to celebrate the dedicated farmers and ranchers who deliver healthy, affordable and safe products that are produced sustainably. The best part about Ag Month is that it is an opportunity to share food stories in conversations with friends and family, or on social media using the hashtag #AgMonth17 or #OurFoodHasAStory. A food story is a person’s connection to food, which we all have as consumers of food! Ag Month is an exciting opportunity for the people of Saskatchewan to share their food story in a creative and engaging way, in an effort to celebrate the diversity and innovation that encompasses modern day agriculture.

Similar to last year, the month-long campaign will feature four weekly sub-themes: health and nutrition, affordability, food safety and sustainability. More information about these themes can be found at, the go-to place for everything Ag Month. Do you want to bring Ag Month into the classroom? Agriculture in the Classroom-Saskatchewan has a wide variety of curricula linked resources for K-12 that are designed to education students about agriculture and food. More information about their programs can be found at

5. World’s Largest Lesson

The World’s Largest Lesson is a global initiative delivered in partnership with UNICEF and with the help of UNESCO, to create awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) developed to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, confront climate change and encourage students’ active participation in making them a reality by 2030. Since it was launched in 2015, the World’s Largest Lesson has reached millions of children, in 106 countries, in more than 40 languages. Lesson plans and activities for each of the 17 goals and further information about class participation in the World’s Largest Lesson are available at Alison Bellwood,


September 15, 2017

Websites to View:

a. Lee and Sandy Paley Western Canada School Concert Tour 

b. Breathing Gym Workshop for Students 

c. What is Engineering Day at U of R 

d. Treaty Ed Camp 3.0 

e. Ken Spencer Award for Innovative Classroom/ Schools 

Documents to View:

a. OSAC Hip Hop Hoop Dance Booking

b. Fish DNA Sample Kits for Bio 30 Teachers

c. Saskatchewan Association for Community Education Fall In-service and Planning Day

d. Sask Library Week 2017


For Your Information:

  1. Extended Health Claim Form

This form has been updated on the website under Administration>HR Department>Employee Benefits

September 8, 2017

Note: Education Week  is October 15 – 21, 2017. Education Week is a great opportunity to showcase student success stories in our schools and highlight the hard work of teachers, staff and volunteers. This year’s Education Week theme is Building our Future by Learning Together.

Websites to View:

  1. Persephone Theatre School Matinee  
  2. Persephone Theatre Fall and Winter School of Theatre 
  3. LIVEArts Saskatchewan School – Live Broadcasts 

For Your Information

1. iLearn Feedback Survey

Just a reminder that the iLearn August 28th Professional Development Day Feedback Survey closes on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Below is the link to the survey. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. 

2. Inquiry-Based Experience for Science Class

(Submitted by: Shari Martin, Superintendent of Education)
Our new program engaging your science students with hands-on experiments using Canada’s only synchrotron is taking registrations! The Light Source Student Experience is an inquiry-based learning environment where students work as a team to select and gather samples (either soil or fruits/vegetables as selected by the teacher), and conduct an experiment  using the CLS beamline IDEAS. We will provide explanations and instructions to prepare the students once you are registered. 

General Description:

  1. You decide which topic you would like your students to participate in: a study of Soil or a study of Fruit/Vegetables. Students will design an experimental question related to chemistry within the context of the chosen topic. CLS techniques will provide insight into the relative concentrations of the elements K through Ge. Based on the experimental design, students determine what samples are needed, collect and prepare them according to instructions. Students & supervisors complete online safety training (a PPT & multiple choice exam for students – 3 modules for teachers/supervisors). Visit CLS for 3 hours to conduct your experiment, tour the facility to learn what else it can do, and explore the myriad of careers involved in running a research facility.

  2. Interpret data using excel to see if the students’ question can be answered.

What you need to know:

  • Available dates are morning (9-12) or afternoon (12:30-3:30) of September 29, November 29, or December 20, 2017. 2018 dates are still being determined.

  • MAXIMUM 36 people (that includes teachers and supervisors). If there are more than 17 students, a second supervisor is required.

  • All students MUST be 14 years old at the time of the visit. Permission forms signed by parents or guardians are required.

  • All students complete an online training module prior to the visit. Supervisors & teachers must complete 3 modules.

  • Limited funding for bussing/mileage is available.

Curricular Connections (depending on which topic you select)

  • Career Investigation/Exploration

  • Health Sciences 20 -- Nutrition 1-a identifying micronutrients, j research food source health claims -- NU2-a pose questions about nutrition

  • Environmental Science 20-- Nature of ES: b place-based learning; c world views; e multi-disciplinary;  -- Terrestrial Systems 1- b varying properties of soil; d soil mixtures; e analysis methods; f collect & analyse soil; j

  • Physical Science 20--Properties of waves as connected to energy & optics – is an integral part of the equipment & technique the students will be using including PW1-b, c, d, g, I, k, l; PW2-c, h; PW3-a, g; --Foundational Chem2-e composition of compounds; FC3-e design & carry out an experiment, f communicate results, l chemical reactions in ‘real world’

  • Chemistry 30 -- Chem bonding & Materials 1: the role of valence electrons is what students use to examine their samples

  • Physics 30-- Modern Physics, Forces & Motion,  – production of synchrotron light…

Some further information is attached and available on our web site
Or you can contact us to ask all the questions you want via email or telephone …. Or to register your class email

3.Access Copyright Information

Ministries/departments of education across Canada are striving to ensure that all schools have the latest information about copyright law. This letter comes with the request that you make a short presentation on copyright to your teaching staff early in the coming school year. The Copyright Consortium of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), has developed an online resource to help teachers decide whether an intended use of a copyright-protected work in the classroom is fair dealing. This new resource can be viewed at:

The new copyright website features a copyright decision tool that allows teachers to quickly determine whether a specific use of a copyright-protected work in their lessons is permitted under the fair-dealing provision of the Copyright Act and that, consequently, copyright permission is not required. This website also provides an overview of the Fair Dealing Guidelines as well as other important copyright information. Teachers need to know that copyright rules for educators have changed significantly in recent years. While teachers have new opportunities to use copyright-protected materials in their lessons, they also have responsibilities. There are limits to what can be copied and communicated in the classroom. Failure to comply with copyright law can result in a teacher, school, or school board being sued for copyright infringement.

Principals are asked to:

  • feature the copyright website at a staff meeting and to encourage all teachers and staff to bookmark and start using this resource as questions about copyright come up;
  • place two copyright posters at copiers throughout the school. One poster sets out the Fair Dealing Guidelines, and the other prohibits the copying of materials intended for one-time use (consumables), such as workbooks; and,
  • post the attached notice regarding available copyright reference resources in the staff room and/or main office.


This digital information package includes: 
1. suggested speaking points for the copyright presentation to staff (for personal use); 
2. two copyright-related posters (poster 1  and poster 2, mentioned above); 
3. a bulletin-board notice (mentioned above); and, 
4. a postcard featuring to be forwarded to teachers.

Printed copies of items 2 to 4 were distributed to schools during the 2016–17 school year.

4. Student Transitions Guide – Supporting New Students in Your School: A Guide for Schools

The Student Transitions Guide is intended to provide school staff in Saskatchewan a framework to support students who are transitioning to a new school. This document explains the correlation between transition to new schools and reduced levels of achievement. It also outlines the importance of supporting new students, helps schools identify if a student needs support, what may be required and an action plan that will assist schools.
There may be local considerations that are not included. It is strongly recommended that each school in Saskatchewan develop a local student transition protocol to provide the best opportunity for success for all the new students in their school.

Contact: Gerry Craswell, 306-787-6053,


Student Transitions Guide – Supporting New Students in Your School: A Guide for Schools 

September 1, 2017

Updated Forms and Administrative Procedures on the website:

  • Form 110-1 School Mission and Vision
  • Form 110-3 ESSP Level Three School Strategic Plan PLT-Staff Action Plan
  • Form 110-4 ESSP Level Three School PLT-SLT Reflection
  • Form 110-5 ESSP Level Three School Strategic Plan Summary Instructions and Template
  • Form 140-2 Technology Equipment Request 
  • Form 180-1 Parent Permission
  • Form 405-1 Change of Personal Information Authorization
  • Form 517-2 Expense Claim - Student Related Travel (Ongoing)
  • Form 517-3 Expense Claim - Travel To Access Programming
  • Form 517-4 Expense Claim - Personal Vehicle Expense (In Town Mail, Supplies, etc.)
  • Form 517-5 Expense Claim - Division Travel - Meetings
  • Form 543-2 Restitution Calculation
  • Form 552-1 Private Vehicle Report Special Events Extra-Curricular Transportation
  • Mileage Chart on Staff tab

Forms that were removed and will be replaced by Permission Click forms:

  • Form 260-1
  • Form 260- 2
  • Form 260-3
  • Form 260-4
  • Form 260-5

Websites to View:

a.Homewood Health Newsletter – Uncovering the faces of Anxiety

Documents to View:

b. The Conservation Learning Centre Invitation

For Your Information:

1. SELU and SUM Partnership

Through a unique partnership, the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society (SMTS), Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU), and Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU) have organized a very exciting special edition of the Saskatchewan Understand Math (SUM) Conference to include sessions for both classroom teachers and system leaders. The conference program has been designed in response to feedback from across the province and strives to address outcomes identified in the ESSP, system strategic planning needs, as well as supporting teachers in their daily practice. The following main themes are evident in the conference lineup:

·How might leaders prepare their teams for the upcoming work in mathematics related to the ESSP?
How might leaders support understandings of assessment and responsive instruction to improve math outcomes for students?
What do educators and system personnel need to know about the “math at grade level” outcome?
How might system and school-based leaders and teachers support the diverse learners in their classrooms and continue to minimize gaps in mathematics achievement?
How might teachers actively support the TRC’s Calls to Action in their classrooms by creating space for multiple ways of knowing?

As organizers, we also know that division leaders across the province were making difficult financial decisions in May and June of last year. To be responsive to the needs of the sector, we would like to extend the early bird pricing for #SUM2017 until Sept 29. To view our conference program or to register, please go to the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit To register a team, contact Pam Driedger at


(Submitted by: Donna Adair, Employee Benefits Officer)
Reminder to all Teachers that they need to ensure that they  have a personal email on file with the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF) to ensure that all correspondence is being received from the STF.  The STF does not send out any paper letters and if no email on file the you will not receive the correspondence.  To ensure that a personal email has been listed Teachers can log onto MYSTF and verify an email address is listed or by contacting the Health Plan at or call 1-800-667-7762.


August 25, 2017

Websites to View:

  1. August Homewood Health Newsletter – The Importance of Sleep  
  2. 2017 Healthy School Communities National Forum   

Documents to View:

  1. Gym Ringette

1. Dependant’s Information

(Submitted by: Donna Adair, Employee Benefits Officer)

Support Staff  
Is your Child Enrolled in Post-Secondary this fall and eligible to be a Dependant under the Sun West School Division Group Plan?

Who qualifies as a Dependant?

Eligible Dependant Children will remain under the employee group benefit plan until age 21 as long as they are:
-dependent on the Sun West employee for support
-do not qualify for a Group Benefits Program through employment

Who qualifies as an Over-Age Dependant?

An Over-Age Student Dependant is a plan member’s dependant child who falls within a designated age range.  The definition of a dependant child is shown below.

· your natural or adopted child, stepchild or child for whom you are legal guardian,
Who is:
- unmarried;
- over age 21, or under age 26 if a full-time student; NEW - expanded the definition of an Over Age Student to reflect coverage to age 26 (was age 25).
- not employed on a full-time basis; and
- not eligible for coverage as an employee under this or any other Group Benefit Program.
If you Child qualifies to be on the Sun West School Division group plan and is currently not listed Contact Donna Adair Employee Benefits Officer to have this set up. 

A letter can be requested from Sun West School Division confirming that coverage is in place for your dependant child.  Your child can use this letter to opt out of the Medical and Dental benefit premiums that are included with tuition if they so choose.  Coverage for both plans can remain in place. Contact Donna Adair to request a letter if you are opting out of the Post-secondary coverage.

 Teaching Staff
You can request a letter of verification that your Dependant Child is covered under your Group Plan by contacting Saskatchewan Teachers Federation(STF) at 1-800-667-7762.   Ask for the Benefits Department and they will be able to send you out the requested letter.

Full Time Student Definition Change

(Submitted by: Donna Adair, Employee Benefits Officer)

Effective September 1, 2017 Saskatchewan School Board Association has changed the definition of a dependant full-time student to reflect an enhancement to the age of 26.  Prior to September 1, 2017 the limiting age for a full-time student was age 25.
Once Manulife implements this change within our policies, the corresponding change will be reflected in your school division’s online Information Booklets.
Please let Donna Adair know if there are staff member’s that have dependant children that would qualify to come back on the benefit plan with the updated age enhancement.

3. EdCan Network – new website link:

Free Registration: Below are the registration steps for staff so that they can begin to enjoy unlimited access to the edCan magazine on their laptops, Smartphones and tablets, which is a key CEA/EdCan Network membership benefit.
1) Use your official school district email address to register (e.g. offer will not work with personal emails.)
Please note that our current organization members are listed on our website at:
 2) Go to:
 3) Click on the Join button for "Staff member of CEA/EdCan Network Member Organization"
 4) Fill in all required fields. The email domains (e.g. of our members will be available in a drop-down menu on the registration form.

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