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Under the leadership of the Director of Education, Sun West School Division's team of three Superintendents of Education, supervise and provide professional guidance to over 330 teachers, 57 administrators, 121 educational assistants, 31 library staff and other personnel such as psychologists, counsellors and consultants. They also develop processes, practices and procedures for special education, student services, curriculum and instruction and work with School Community Councils.

Director of Education:  Dr. Guy G. Tétrault

Dr. Guy G. Tétrault started his career in education in 1976. He received his B.Ed. from the University of Calgary, his M.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan and his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.  His career has included the following:

  • Developer of Canada’s first cyber school in 1995 in Alberta
  • Founding member of the Alberta Online Consortium 1997
  • C21-Canadians for 21st Century Learning and Innovation Board member since 2014
  • Guest Blogger for Canada’s C21 and USA’s P21 – “Piecing Together a Blended Learning System” 2014
  • Won CEA national recognition for “Innovation That Sticks” in moving his Saskatchewan school division towards Blended Learning
  • Won 2nd Place in the Readers’ Digest 2015 competition for Canadian school system reform
  • Recipient of a National Award from C21 on “System Innovation” in 2016
  • MindShareLearning eMagazine recognition as one of Top 10 Canadian Education Newsmakers in 2015 and 2016
  • Gaining national and international recognition for moving his Saskatchewan Sun West School Division on a “Personalized electronically Blended Learning” (PeBL) journey
  • “Sun West Empowering 21st Century Learners” – 2017 published book on Sun West School Division’s Distance Learning Centre by Roset, Walker, Cherkowski & Wilson
  • Presently the Director of Education/CEO for the Sun West School Division

Specialized Areas:

  • Board of Education
  • Sun West Executive Leadership Team
  • Communications
  • Administrative Procedures Management
  • Truuany Officer
  • New Administrators
  • Education Sector Strategic Planning (ESSP)
  • Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL) Oversight
  • School Reviews
  • School Liaison Duties (Eaton School, Eston Composite School and Westcliffe Composite School)

Superintendent of Education:  Darren Gasper

Darren Gasper, B.Ed, M.Communications & Technology. has been in education for eighteen years. His first teaching job was in Grande Prairie, teaching Mechanics, Electronics and Welding. After four years there, he returned to Saskatchewan and accepted a Phys. Ed and PAA position at Kenaston School where he has taught since. He became principal of Kenaston School in 2007. Darren has been instrumental in the development of the Distance Learning Centre housed at Kenaston School. He and his staff have developed and implemented a host of online courses that are delivered across the Sun West School Division and province.

Specialized Areas:

  • Technology
  • Home Schooling
  • Distance Learning Centre
  • Career Work Exploration Program
  • Partnership Development
  • Technology Coaches
  • School Tech Plans
  • School Liaison Duties (Kenaston School and Loreburn Central School)


Superintendent of Education:  Shari Martin

Shari has been an educator for 26 years, working in a variety of roles, including classroom teacher, teacher librarian, resource based learning consultant and principal.  She has a Bachelor's of Education (with distinction) from University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University.  In addition to her duties as Superintendent of Education in Sun West,  Shari presents at various conferences and has served in a number of leadership roles on provincial advisory committees including chairing and organizing the 2014 LEADS Summer Short course and serving as LEADS representative on the Rural Congress Planning Committee since 2012.  Shari is responsible for curriculum, instruction, assessment, school library services, Career Development, Work Exploration and sixteen colony schools in the Sun West School Division.

Specialized Areas:

  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development Planning
  • Colony Schools
  • Libraries/Copyright
  • FNME
  • Data Analysis Support
  • Driver Education
  • School Liaison Duties (Davidson School, Elizabeth Middle School, Kindersley Composite School and Westberry Elementary School)


Superintendent of Education:  Vicki Moore

Vicki Moore, received her Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education in Educational Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. Vicki has served in a number of roles in Sun West School Division, including classroom teacher at NWCS and Rosetown Composite School, Vice Principal of Harris-Tessier Central School and Biggar Central School, as well Principal of Elrose Composite School. 

Specialized Areas:

  • New Teachers/Mentorship
  • School Community Councils
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Celebration/PR Promotion
  • Professional Handbooks
  • School-Based Administrator Leadership Group
  • Athletics
  • Sun West PeBL Wordpress
  • School Liaison Duties (Beechy School, Biggar Central School 2000, D’Arcy School, Dinsmore Composite School, Elrose Composite School, Harris-Tessier Central School, Kyle Composite School, Lucky Lake School, North West Central School, Outlook Elementary School, Outlook High School, Rosetown Central High School, Rossville School, Walter Aseltine School)


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