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About Us

Video Highlighting achievements of students, staff and projects in the Sun West School Division.

Sun West School Division is governed by a Board of Education consisting of 9 elected representatives. The Board is responsible for an overall budget of nearly 60 million dollars and they implement a policy based governance model.

Sun West School Division Map

Our vision is “Success for all” while we take on a mission of “learning together.”

The Division is guided by five values:  lifelong learning; leadership; cooperation; accountability; and respect.

The Division develops goals and outcomes within the Provincial Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP)  to help its 5,000 students in 41 schools continually improve their learning.

Located in West-Central Saskatchewan, the Sun West School Division covers approximately 31,252 square kilometers. On its east side, the Division includes schools in Davidson and Kenaston. The Alberta border serves as the Division's limits on the west, with the South Saskatchewan River providing its most southerly border. The Division extends as far North as Biggar.

Quick Facts About Sun West:

•    The Sun West Division office is located in Rosetown, Saskatchewan at 501-1st Street West. 
•    The School Division administers 41 schools; of these 13 are Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, 6 are elementary schools, 1 middle school, 3  high schools and 17 are Hutterite Colony Schools.  The Sun West Distance Learning Centre is located in Kenaston.
•    Approximately 800 people work for the Sun West School Division on a permanent full or part-time basis with several hundred more employed occasionally as substitute teachers or spare bus drivers. 
•    Sun West employs approximately 367 teachers, 56 Principals and Vice-principals, 117 Educational Assistants, 112 Bus Drivers, 49 Caretakers, 34 Clerical Staff and 26 Library Staff, as well as a small number of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychologists and specialists such as Speech-Language Pathologists 
•    Less than 3% of the Division's total workforce, are employed in Division administration positions. 
•     Approximately half, or 2500 students, ride buses to and from school in the Sun West School Division and Sun West buses log approximately 31, 000 kilometers every school day.

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