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21st Century Competencies - Professional Development Workshops​

During the 2014-2015 school year, teachers in the Sun West School Division will access a combination of two half-days of professional development in their own schools with their Learning Coach, as well as a full-day 21CC Workshop of their choice.

In the fall, Learning Coaches will facilitate half-day workshops with teachers to further explore the 21st Century Competencies, adding creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to last year’s work involving critical thinking and collaboration.

During the course of the year, teachers will also be given a choice of full-day professional development workshop that they will attend. These workshops will provide a varied array of topics for exploration and will support the integration of strategies that will enhance the creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, critical thinking and collaborative skills of our students.

Then, in the spring, teachers will once again meet with their Learning Coach for a half-day workshop to continue to learn with and from each other and to prepare an artifact to be shared with the rest of the school division.

These days are intended to provide engaging, hands-on, authentic learning experiences that will allow each teacher to “start where they are”, gain skills and strategies to use in their classrooms, and pursue an area that is of interest to them.

SMART Goal: By June 2015, Sun West School Division teaching staff will:

  1. Demonstrate personal growth in the understanding of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, while continuing to use the skills of critical thinking and collaboration.
  2. Apply understandings of the competencies (creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship) to reflect 21st century models of learning.
  3. Use technology tools purposefully for teaching and learning.
  4. Demonstrate a positive impact on student learning in the classroom.
  5. Share publishable artifact(s).


21st Century Educators

Through peer collaboration, this project aims improve student learning by transforming the classrooms of these educators through the implementation of 21st century pedagogies.

  • In order to meet the needs of classroom teachers as they explore and infuse 21st century competencies into their teaching, meaningful professional learning opportunities must be implemented and supported throughout the year. Teachers need an environment where they can work collaboratively, critically examine the competencies, develop action plans for implementation, discuss ideas, solve issues, and engage in reflective thinking throughout the process.

    In the fall of 2013, Sun West School Division began taking its first step in meeting these needs through its 21st Century Educator Learning Series, or 21CELS. Twenty-four educators representing Sun West's schools have been invited to participate in the learning opportunity and will be granted 90 hours of release time from classroom duties to do so (referred to as 21st century educators or 21CE). This translates 10% teaching time in each school which will be devoted to this professional development project.

  • Throughout the Learning Series, these teachers will be asked to challenge themselves and take risks in trying new strategies and tools as they promote the 21st century competencies.

  • Educators will work with collaboratively other educators divisionally, in their schools, and globally through the use of social media.

  • This professional learning space is open to all educators interested in connecting with and learning from each other!

1:1 Projects

Based on feedback from the 1:1 Pilot project, Sun West will be pursuing a different plan for introducing technology into classrooms. Infrastructure considerations are critical as is teacher readiness, time, training and administrative support. All of these factors work together to ensure that the technology is used as a tool for transforming teaching.

Sun West will be introducing a three-tiered approach to technology integration which is directly linked to the school technology plans. At each step, teachers must be supported in both the pedagogy behind technology integration as well as the "how to" skills associated with the use of new technology tools.

For the 2014-2015 school year, two Sun West schools, Kenaston and Elrose, will be involved in a school-wide 1:1 mobile device pilot project

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