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Every student at OHS has the right to try out for all extra-curricular activities offered according to their age and gender.  It is a privilege to represent OHS by becoming a member of a team or activity.  Students are expected to maintain an acceptable academic average, be good school ambassadors, and show respect for coaches, supervisors and officials at all times.  Students who become a concern due to attitude or academics may not be allowed to represent the school unless improvement is shown.  A special meeting of the administration, all teachers of the student, and coach/supervisor may be called.  At this meeting, a decision will be made and the parent and student will be notified of his/her eligibility and conditions.


The purpose of the career guidance program is to help students achieve their goals.  This is accomplished through assistance with academic achievement, career planning, and decision making.  Students are encouraged to talk to Mrs.  Caroline Empey, an administrator, or another staff member about program planning and post-secondary information.  Consultation regarding post-secondary opportunities, scholarships and awards, plus assistance in resume building is also available.


Driver Education is offered for grades 9 and 10 students.  In order to enroll in this program the student must be at least 14 years old.  Typically, there is a fall class and a spring class.  The cutoff age for participating in the spring class is determined by the number of available spots.  This program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving in car instruction.  The program is delivered by a qualified instructor hired by the Sun West School Division.  Students are required to get permission from the teacher whose class they will be missing prior to leaving for their driving time, by having their teacher sign off on the permission form, to be given to the drivers instructor.


The student leadership group is an umbrella organization that is generally responsible for almost all non-academinc activites in the school.  The group is involved in raising funds and organizing extra-curricular activites, such as, intermurals, assemblies, spirit weeks, dances, charity work and community volunteering.  The group members are responsible to the staff and administration of OHS for the good conduct of these activities.  All students are invited to be involved in the student leadership group.  Duties and responsisbilities are determined once the members are established and yearly planning is done.