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25Oct 2017

Mrs. Pearson's Class Learn How to Care for Classroom Pets

     Mrs. Pearson’s Kindergarten classes have been very busy learning how to take care of their classroom pets, specifically goldfish.  Mrs. Pearson told the students that they would be going on a trip to get goldfish for the classroom.  The children were so excited that they could not wait!  Prior to their trip the children brainstormed things that they already knew about fish and things that they wanted to learn more about.  They made quite a detailed list!  On October 19th and 20th they walked to Cara Vanghel’s fish pond to get their new pets.  They had stories to tell, questions to ask and things they just wondered about once the fish arrived.  Each class named the three fish that they brought back to school. We are pleased to introduce the K Goldfish; Chubbie Chub, Blueberry, Redback, Toy, Silver and Popsicle to Kindergarten Classroom for the 2017-2018 school year.   The children will have a fun learning experience investigating and caring for the goldfish as owning a pet will teach them caring, responsibility and pride!