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01Dec 2016

Mr. Siemens' Grade Fives Learn the Skills of Volleyball

     Mr. Siemens and Mr. Sobkowicz’s grade five class recently finished a volleyball unit that they focused on for a number of weeks in Physical Education. The students took part in a variety of skill building games and activities together, where they learned and practiced the basics of bumping, setting, serving, and team play in each class. After taking part in a number of skill building classes, the students had the opportunity to put their skills together and play against one another in games of three on three and four on four. The class made the most of the space in the gymnasium and split it into three separate volleyball courts, enabling all of the students to play continuously at the same time. The timing of this volleyball unit aligned perfectly with the junior and senior volleyball seasons, with senior provincials just finishing last weekend. Expressions of excitement and enjoyment were frequently seen on the students’ faces throughout the volleyball unit.  Hopefully this will transfer into a continued interest in exploring the game of volleyball at the Jr. and Sr. levels as the students’ continue their education.