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28Nov 2016

Indoor Plant Investigation in Mrs. Pearson's Kindergarten Classroom

     Mrs. Pearson’s Kindergarten Class B has been exploring living things, which include plants. The students were divided into four groups. With the help of Mrs. Larson’s grade five class and Alyssa Charles, a CWEX student from the high school, the children rotated through four stations. The stations were:

1. Listening to the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”

2. Exploring a bean seed (germination experiment)

3. Planting herbs and sprouts

4. Sharing plant books.

     The children are taking advantage of a grow light, so that they can have a hands-on experience indoors with plants in the cold winter months. They will learn responsibility and cooperation skills as they continue to explore and investigate how things grow and what plants need. As well, they will have an opportunity to eat the sprouts and herbs that they grow. The plan will be to eventually plant seeds indoors, and then transplant them into their outdoor garden in the spring. Both classes will have an opportunity to investigate plant life indoors.