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  • 02Mar 2017

    Pre-K Gets Together for a Family Day

         Once a month the Pre-K class gets together for a family day.  This involves doing a fun activity with various members of our families.  Our activity this month was held at the gymnastics space where we could run, roll, jump, balance and hang.  A great time was had by t...

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  • 15Feb 2017

    Waiting for the Ground's News in Miss Hill's Grade One Class

         Miss Hill’s grade one class waited patiently to hear the groundhog’s news on February 2nd. The days leading up to Groundhog Day were very eventful as the students did a variety of activities involving the groundhog.  Students watched videos, read stories about ground...

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  • 14Feb 2017

    Mrs. Bustillo's Class Experiment With Magnets

          Mrs. Bustillo’s Grade 3 class used magnets to create works of art. Students placed a sheet of paper inside a box lid and used magnets to move a paper clip through paint and around the paper. Students created very unique works of art without ever touchin...

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  • 13Feb 2017

    Grade One Students Celebrate 100th Day

         All the grade ones at OES celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday, February 13, 2017.  A highlight of the day was a special visit from Zero the Hero!  He entertained the students by quizzing the students about the number 100, singing a 100th day song, and giving ea...

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  • 12Jan 2017

    Mrs. Bang's Grade Four Students Visit the Pre-K Class

        Every morning a group of Mrs. Bang’s grade four students come to the Pre-K room to read and interact with the students.   This experience has helped increase confidence and leadership skills with the grade four students.  It has also enriched the Pre-K students’ soci...

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  • 08Dec 2016

    Miss Mahoney's Grade Two Students and the Gingerbread Man

         On December 13, 2016, the students in Miss Mahoney’s grade two classroom had the opportunity to do a writing activity that had a fun twist to it!  They each decorated a sweet gingerbread man and then wrote a story about the steps that they took to create their treat. ...

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  • 01Dec 2016

    Mr. Siemens' Grade Fives Learn the Skills of Volleyball

         Mr. Siemens and Mr. Sobkowicz’s grade five class recently finished a volleyball unit that they focused on for a number of weeks in Physical Education. The students took part in a variety of skill building games and activities together, where they learned...

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  • 28Nov 2016

    Indoor Plant Investigation in Mrs. Pearson's Kindergarten Classroom

         Mrs. Pearson’s Kindergarten Class B has been exploring living things, which include plants. The students were divided into four groups. With the help of Mrs. Larson’s grade five class and Alyssa Charles, a CWEX student from the high school, the chi...

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  • 07Nov 2016

    The Importance of Remembrance Day with Ms. Robertson's Grade One Class

         Ms. Robertson’s grade one class learned the meaning and importance of Remembrance Day.  The students learned the song “Teaching Peace” by Red Grammer and created poppies to honour the brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve, our country. ...

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  • 03Nov 2016

    Mrs. Bustillo's Class Write Poems About Remembrance Day

         Mrs. Bustillo’s Grade 3 class created poems about Remembrance Day.  Students worked together to help trace each other’s head onto paper. Inside their silhouette, students wrote their poem. Students decorated the outside space to really make th...

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  • 31Oct 2016

    Halloween Fun with Mrs. Walters' Grade Threes and Mrs. Petit's Grade Ones

         Mrs. Walters’ grade three class along with Miss Gunn, celebrated Halloween by carving pumpkins and creating Halloween masks with Mrs. Petit’s grade one reading buddies.  We had a lot of fun!  ...

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  • 27Oct 2016

    Painting the Fence with Ms. Mahoney's Grade Two Class

         Miss Mahoney’s Grade 2 class has been learning about watercolor painting.  For their Halloween painting, they got to mask the fence, and then paint the sky background.  They tried to pick spooky colors.  After the sky dried, they painted t...

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  • 18Oct 2016

    How Did That Get in My Lunch Box?

         Mrs. Amewotowu’s Kindergarten class had a guest in our classroom on October 18th, 2016.  Cara Drury, a mother of one of our students, came to share the story, “How Did That Get in My Lunchbox – The Story of Food.”  The story explored how all the delicious food w...

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  • 07Oct 2016

    OES Annual Senior Appreciation Tea

         On October 7th, OES hosted their annual Senior Appreciation Tea, where each grade preformed a song, poem or a shared a thank you letter for our seniors. The grade two’s shared two poems called Turkey, Turkey and Be Thankful.  The students were excited to display all th...

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  • 22Sep 2016

    Miss Hill's Grade One Students Meet Their Grade Five Buddies

    Reading Buddies      With a new school year, the students get new reading buddies! Miss Hill’s Grade One class was eager to meet their new Grade 5 buddies. Miss Hill’s Grade One Class was partnered with Miss Larson’s Grade 5 Class to enjoy buddy ...

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  • 22Sep 2016

    Grade Two Students Colour with Chery Tyler

         Grade two students have been working hard learning about artists within their community.  On September 28th, students at OES were honored to have Cheryl Tyler come in and teach them about coloring.  Students learned different techniques for blending and shading.  We ar...

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  • 15Sep 2016

    Ms. Robertson's and Miss Jamieson's Grade One Class Partner up with Mr. Siemen's and Mr. Sobkowicz's Grade Five Class

         Ms. Robertson and Miss. Jamieson’s Grade 1 Class were excited to partner this year with Mr. Siemens and Mr. Sobkowicz’s Grade 5 class.The student buddies created tee shirts illustrating all the things they had in common.  They will continue to...

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  • 01Sep 2016

    From the Admin Team's Desk

    Sept. Admin article ...

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