Box 40, Saskatchewan Avenue, Plenty SK, S0L 2R0
Phone: 306-932-2222

From Your SCC:

A few of our projects in the past have included: Fill Your Bucket program, school landscaping, financial support for books in the classroom, school presenters, and graduation scholarships.  In addition, we organize several fundraisers and events such as the June Ham Supper, and Vesey’s Flower program.  The SCC members also take turns updating the school sign each month.

As an SCC, we would like to invite any parents or community members to contact one of us if you have suggestions or concerns.  The NWCS SCC meetings occur the first Monday of the month in the school library. All are welcome to attend. 

From the Division:

The function of School Community Councils is, through an advisory and practical manner, to assist the administration of the school and the Board in delivering educational and extra-curricular programs; to develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth; and to encourage and facilitate parent, community and youth engagement in school planning and improvement processes. The School Community Council provides the school and division with a critical link to facilitate understanding of the community. (Sun West Board Policy 17).

The duties of School Community Councils vary as needs change in particular schools, but members of these important groups are always involved in Hoshin Kanri planning (goals for schools), Review of School Finance and Activities, Community Engagement, and School Community Council development.

SCCs play an important role in school improvement and enhancing student learning:
Student benefits:
• Improved marks and graduation rates
• Increased involvement in classroom activities and a more positive attitude towards homework.
• Higher attendance rates and greater enrollment in post-secondary education.
Parent benefits:
• Enhanced communication between parents, administrators and teachers.
• More opportunities for learning activities in the home.
• Better understanding of how schools operate.
Community benefits:
• Increased cost-effectiveness due to the pooling of time, money and effort.
• Strengthened community pride through involvement in the school’s achievements.