Box 40, Saskatchewan Avenue, Plenty SK, S0L 2R0
Phone: 306-932-2222

North West Central School

Our goal at North West Central School is to strive for excellence and independence in a positive and supportive environment to promote lifelong learning.  We work all year long to help students achieve their full potential.  At NWCS, we offer a full range of academic courses, in addition to Distance Learning classes.  Our new course Petroleum Industry Preparedness Training was well received by students and employers alike and will be offered in the 2015-2016 school year.  NWCS takes pride in all of our sports teams being competitive.  Congratulations to the Senior Girls' Volleyball team for winning a silver medal and the sportsmanship medal at Provincials last year.  Our Student Leadership Council (SLC), Youth Making Change and Relationships (YMCR), and Stand for the Silent group work hard in our school and in our community to improve the lives of students at our school and around the world.  Thanks to all students, staff, and community members who help NWCS be successful!!
(Written by Brittany Olson, SLC President 2013-2014)