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07 Sep, 17

* Updated September 12: Sun West Staff and Students to take part in Character Day

Students and staff from across the Sun West School Division will join millions of people from around the globe to participate in the fourth annual Character Day on September 13th!

There are already over 115,000 groups across 109 countries signed up to participate in this global conversation about the importance of developing and improving character (qualities like empathy, curiosity, grit, humility, bravery, social responsibility, and many more).

The event involves short engaging films on the science of character (including a new film that will premiere on Character Day!), robust printed Discussion Kits, an online Character (Every) Day resource hub and mobile app, and a Global Q&A featuring amazing leaders and educators talking about the importance of character from all different perspectives. Sun West students and staff will take part in these and other great events on September 13th. For more information visit:

Our Sun West School's Character Day Events:

1. Eston Composite School, along with others worldwide, will be celebrating "Character Day". On this day, each student will be decorating a rock that will be added to our School Garden.
We ask that each student bring one palm sized rock to decorate on or before September 13th.

School Name/Group Hosting and event

Name of Event(s/description


Walter Aseltine School - Rosetown

Creating a Character Garden in front of the school—each student will paint a rock and label it with one character trait that they hold near and dear to their heart.

After an all school assembly in the afternoon

At 2:00

North West Central School - Plenty

Teachers will introduce Character in their classroom

Period 1 (sharing videos and using discussion cards from


Grades 6-12 teachers will take time to introduce Joe Beckman (Global Q&A Speaker).

Period 2

6-12 students will watch and ask questions to Joe Beckman.


K-5 students will learn about Kid President and watch a couple of his videos. Teachers and students will have discussion around Kid President and his character traits. 


Period 4

Teachers 6-12 will introduce Angela Lee Duckworth (share TED talk) and then take part in her Global Q&A. This will continue into period 5. Students will end this period with discussion around GRIT! In Motion!


Period 6 all teachers, students, and staff will go to an assembly in the gym. In the gym teachers will present a Character Day parody  and our school's plan to implement character throughout our school year (each month we will have a team of students K-12 and teacher present a character trait and lead character activities in the gym connected to that trait). Teachers/student teams will then have some time to meet, play an icebreaker, and get ready for home time! 

Most of the day!

Westcliffe - Merengo

Westcliffe Character Day 2017

We are having a school wide assembly, breaking into house teams, and having the teams go through four different character stations.

All Afternoon

Outlook High School - Outlook


The staff and students will be helping to create an “I Am” bulletin board outside of the office, that will be full of the characteristics that make us who we are!

Students will be broken up into the following groups (Grade 6 - 8, Grade 9 & 10, Grade 11 & 12).  During period 5, these groups will take turns coming down to the gym to take part in the following activities:

  1. Watch the Character Day 2017 Trailer (to help introduce character day)
  2. Watch "The Science of Character" with the students.  At the end of the video, a polaroid camera sends out a snapshot with the words "I want to be"… we are going to go with this idea, and each student will go back to their classrooms with a piece of paper that says "I want to be known for…" and they will complete the sentence.  (They can use the periodic table of characteristics to help guide them).  We will take a picture of them holding their paper, and then will be printing off each student picture and creating a character trait wall in the school.










Last period of the day on the 13th.

Dinsmore Composite


We are going to have individual classroom discussions surrounding what a character strength is and how come they are important.

Students are going to bring an item or something that displays a character trait for our school family picture day. They will pose with their family in this school along with the item they have chosen to show a character trait or "What they are good at," for the younger students.

We will post under each picture a short blurb or the answers to questions for each picture for the younger students.

  • What are you good at?
  • What character strength does it show? 


Kyle Composite School

9:00 – 10:30 Pancake Breakfast - Invite Community

Doug Barker  Speak to kids about character

10:30 – 10:45 Recess

10:45 – Video – Science of Character


  • Breakout into Character Groups – Until Noon

Students can choose however they want to demonstrate their understanding of their character trait (Visual, audio, etc.)

1:00-1:30 – Moby (the singer) – Live stream with Question and Answer

1:30-2:00 - Presentation of Character Learning

2:00 – 3:00 - Community/Student Activities – Beach Volleyball on 3 courts


Loreburn School

  1. Create a school wide bulletin board that has "We are a leader in.."and a large version of the character trait periodic table. Brenna is going to get all students to put their names/photos beside the strengths.
  2.  PeBL Mentor breaking up with each of the classes from K-12 to watch growth mindset videos, activity and discussion(K-4) and then grade 5-12 will take part in a variety of online Let it Ripple presentations and Q&A's.
  3. End the day off with an school wide building activitiy in the gym                                                                                

Scattered during the day

Lucky Lake School

Morning Assembly: Short presentation on What Character Day is, then introduce the character of Kindness specifically. After Assembly we will split off into groups to put kindness into practise.

K-2: Will be going door to door handing out messages of kindness with a treat.

3-6: Will be downtown handing out free lemonade, holding doors open at local businesses, and carry peoples groceries

7-8: Will be at the health centre playing bingo

9-12: Will be offering carwashes for a kind word (kind words as payment)

All Morning



Assembly after lunch – Introduce Character day and watch Character Day Trailer and "The Science of Character".  Next each grade will head back to their classrooms and use the discussion kits to and talk about character strengths.  Students will display their strengths on a poster and get their pictures taken to make a bulletin board.  The bulletin board will look like the periodic table of Character strengths.   


Eaton School

What our character day will look like:
We are having a student led assembly where the kids introduce the science of Character video (12:45) We will watch this video on the ceiling. Danielle and Amber will play a clap for Character game!

  1. Each staff member has taken on a section of the periodic table and has created an activity that embodies those characteristics.

Wisdom- a science experiment to test these qualities

Courage- a maker space marble activity

Humanity- a kindness project (passing on the message)

Justice- a phys.ed activity based on collaboration

Temperance- an elementary activity based on self regulation.

Transcendence an art activity

  1. A collaborative dance presentation from our students about how you can affect others
  2. Our Src will be our Media managers and capture all of the moments


All pictures will be placed on our life size periodic table of "Spartan Strength of Character". Pictures will be continued to be added every time we as staff see an element of that character trait occurring. All character/ mentorship  programs will continue to occur throughout the year.



Outlook Elementary School

 Character Day celebration asssembly – Compilation video of all the Character activities


Elizabeth Middle School

Step 1) Students Complete Epiphany learning profiles

  • Students are to work through the following sections of Epiphany:
  • All About Me
  • Learning Preferences
  • Strengths and Struggles

Step 2)  Each class will be given a letter in “OUR Character COUNTS”

  • As a class decorate/ design your letter using your classes “Top 5 Character Traits”
  • This will then be displayed for the open house in the evening 

 Step 3) Open House- Parents come in the evening for a meet and greet. The theme of Character Development and focusing on students strengths is introduced
Have student profile page printed, get students to teach parents  about character. 


All Day

Open House-

Rosetown High School

10-11am Homeroom teachers go through Science of Character video and games in kit.

11-12pm Community members lead 15 minute sessions relating to respect, empathy, and self-regulation in the workplace.


10 AM-12 PM

Westberry Elementary School

We will be having a school wide assembly to celebrate character day. Some of the events are:

-Refresher on Kelso's  Choices

 -Singing the Kelso song and Kelso rap.

 -Singing our Westberry School song to build school community and character.

 -Informing the students of our sister school in Tanzania and how helping them ties into character building.

 -Having Super Happy Fun Time -which are silly dances led by cartoon characters.

 - All students and staff are wearing green to represent Kelso's Choices and how Kelso helps us build good character.


Assembly from 1:15pm-2:00pm

Kindersley Composite School

8:30: SCC Sponsored Pancake Breakfast

9:30: School Assembly - Meet and Greet, explanation of day and Character Focus for 2017/2018 School Year

10:00: Guest Speaker (Let It Ripple) - Hopefully

10:30: School-wide Kahoot - How well do you know your teachers?

10:45-12:15: KCS "Random" Act of Kindness

Gr. 9s - pick garbage around community

Gr. 10s - Split into 3 groups.

  • Group 1 goes downtown - students at each business to greet patrons and open doors, carry groceries, etc.
  • Group 2 goes to Caleb and/or the Manor and hands out  candies, visits with the residents.
  • Group 3 helps with raking

Gr. 11s - finish Learner Profile, then go pick garbage around school grounds/track.

Gr. 12s - Yard work for community residents

1:00 - School-wide Guest Speaker (Let It Ripple)

1:30 - Rock Your Goal - We're In It Together: School wide activity… decorate rock with personal/academic goal… will be used in KCS install


D'Arcy School

12:40 – Story – ‘The Principal’s New Clothes’

1:00 – Brainstorm virtues to focus on monthly

  • With each monthly focus, we’ll have stories, skits and recognition.

1:30 – Epiphany – Begin Learner Profiles

  • We will start with sharing the staff learner profiles. Then we will guide the students to Epiphany Learning to start their own.

2:30 – Pixar ‘LOU’ Video

  • Great short film to share on Character Day

2:45 – Make someone’s day activity

  • Students will pick a name out of a hat and have 5 minutes to take the opportunity to make that person’s day!

3:00 – Student created skit and character building ideas for the year!


Harris-Tessier Central School The focus of our day is Love of Learning.  Leading up to the day our K-2 students have been learning how to be “Bucket Fillers” and our Grade 4 – 6 students have been working to understand the concept of character.  The students are creating a video about these ideas. On September 13th we will be creating our own personal Character Super Heroes and creating posters about the traits we will be discovering each month.  We hope to debut our very character video that we will share on our Facebook Page.  




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