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07 Jun, 17

Sun West School Division Launches PeBL website

As a Sun West parent or community member,  I bet you've heard the term personalized learning?  Electronic or blended learning?  How about PeBL?  


It’s a new vocabulary and its confusing... especially when people are using those terms in different ways.  


Well, we have heard the parent/community call for more information, for clarity and for some idea about what that means for your children.


In response, we're excited to launch our new website 


Please take some time and read through it.  We hope that you'll find it simple, straight forward and providing answers to the questions in your head and in your community.  


We think it’s a good start, but it’s a work in progress.  There is an FAQs section at the back that we will continue to populate as more questions come in.  So if there's something you'd like to know more about, send us your inquiry in the form on the FAQs page.  And if this site has started to fill in the blanks for you, feel free to let us know that too



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