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22 Jun, 17

NWCS Grade 9's Cook for Families at Ronald McDonald House


On June 15, our grade nine class traveled to Saskatoon's Ronald McDonald House to participate in the 'Home for Dinner' program. We toured the house and were able to meet some families who were staying there.  We spent the rest our time in the kitchen making supper for the house.  We served chili with buns, Caesar salad and apple crisp with ice cream.  After enjoying the supper ourselves we did everyone's dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen. A lot of our food was packed up and put in the fridge for residents to eat later on.

Families staying at the house often spend many hours at the hospital and are grateful to have a home cooked meal available to eat when they have the chance.


The families and staff of the house were very appreciative of our supper and visit.

Our students were happy to help out in this small way.

Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon is a wonderful organization and the trip was a very rewarding experience for all.


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