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13 Dec, 18

Eaton School Mentorship Murals

Eaton School Spartans celebrated on December 07 with the grand unveiling of their student mentorship project.  It all started with an idea to revamp the high school and ended up being so much more. Students collaborated to develop creative murals that not only built Eaton School culture, but also promoted communication, organizational skills and perseverance.  As Adrianna Graham and Amber Adams highlighted, “Through this project we were able to engage in many lessons that cannot always be taught within the classroom or sitting in a desk.” 

The unveiling of this project included some remarkable speeches by our students as they shared stories behind the murals and bulletin boards created.  The lobby features a bulletin board depicting what it means to be a Spartan and a hexagon wall of Spartan Pride that clearly shows development of character.  Hannah Swan commented on the hexagon wall and noted, “The lightbulb symbolizes that everyone in our school stands out in a unique way. It is amazing what the people in our school can and will do. The talents within our school are simply amazing!”   Graduates of Eaton will leave their mark on a graduation tree.  Other highlights include an inspirational stairway, and a Spartan showing the way. According to Jordan Graham, “Our Spartan symbolizes that the people in our school are warriors and we fight to the finish and don’t give up!”  Finally, artistic paintings in one of the rooms reflects our students’ favorite books: The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Quinn Price and Emma McLay devoted countless hours towards this unforgettable mural. Mentorship 10/20/30 finalized their project with a Spartan themed cake and cards made by their grade one/two buddies. 

We learned that the planning, execution, and implementation of the murals exemplifies what life is all about. We may make mistakes (like spilling paint), but it’s what you do with those mistakes that matters most.  You may have a plan, but life doesn’t always go as planned. In life there will be many obstacles that get in your way, like painting on a brick wall.  Eaton School is certainly Spartan Proud of this project and the students will not only leave a visual legacy, but a legacy of pride and leadership. A special thank you to our Mentorship 10, 20, 30 students, as well as the Eatonia Co-op Hardware store for donating the paint. 


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