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02 Jun, 17

Beechy Student Wins National Poetry Contest

Beechy School grade 12 student, Kale Upton won a national poetry contest put on by Polar Expressions Publishing out of Maple Ridge, BC. His poem is attached. He has won a cash prize for himself and Beechy School! Congratulations Kale!

Kale's Winning Poem

He opens his eyes
He lay in his bed
Just another day
He thinks in his head

He looks in the mirror,
Leans over the basin
His hair is a mess,
His beard is unshaven

He opens the door,
Smells the fresh air
The neighbors, they watch
But He does not care

He walks to his car
He knows where he’s going
He’s been there before,
Where his tears started flowing

He arrives at the place
To see his old friends
He visits them weekdays
And even weekends

They talk for a while,
Reminisce their war stories
Of when they were younger
When they had more worries

The man starts to cry
He now has to go
He says his goodbye
To the crosses in rows

He remembers them daily
Through the pain of his woes
The war may be over
But his pain still grows



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