Box 220, Main Street, Loreburn SK, S0H 2S0
Phone: 306-644-2135

OWL Club is Outrageously Wild Leaders that started at LCS in 2014 with grades 1-6. These Owls give ideas and set goals and learn how to achieve those goals which are within the school and community. We are always looking for more Mini Hoots that give a Hoot and want to come out one lunch hour a week to have fun and give new and exciting ideas. We encourage these grades to stop in anytime during our meetings.

The Mini Hoots have decided on a couple of things for this year.  First we are collecting Canadian Tire Monies in cash form or card form, for anyone interested in donating (which this will be on ongoing collection throughout the year). Please send your donation to the school and we will have a drop box at the school for collection. The monies will be going towards new gym equipment and also for the Outdoor Classroom. If you could help your local Owl Club out, we would greatly appreciate it.