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Kenaston School News..........

Well, we can’t believe it either, but June is quickly coming to a close.  It has been a wonderful school year, with many changes, and many more to come.  The Sun West DLC is still going strong and is growing with every day!

Upcoming Events - 2012-2013 School Year Calendar
June 17th – Laser Tag!  Each grade grouping gets half hour!!
June 19th – Awards Day @ 11:00am.
June 27thKenaston School Graduation @ Kenaston Place7:00pm.

Distance Learning Centre News.........
This summer, we will be offering SUMMER SCHOOL!  Students can pick up credits they did not earn this school year, or they can work ahead!  Click here for more info.

We will be offering many new courses next year including Graphic Arts 20, Communications Media 20, Computer Drafting 30, Financial Literacy 20, and all the new science curricula including Physical Science 20, Health Science 20, and Environmental Science 20.

We will also be developing the rest of our elementary courses, grades K-3.

Just note that our partnership with the Edwards School of Business is still strong.  Our students that successfully complete the course will obtain both a high school and university credit! here for more DLC info

History of Kenaston School
Kenaston School traces it's history back to 1905 when it opened with 14 students while the town was still known as Bonnington. In 1913, a new brick school was built to replace it, and an expansion for a high school soon followed.

This building would have a long life in Kenaston and was used until the current school was constructed in 1959. Expansions over the years would add a gymnasium in 1964, a library and portable classrooms in 1973 and a new wing for the high school in 1992.

Today we have a beautiful school with 10 classrooms, a science lab, an up to date computer lab, home economics lab and a industrial arts lab with drafting, photography, welding, woodworking and screenprinting facilities.

2008 brought about another significant change as the school became host to the Sun West Distance Learning Centre. The school broadcasts a number of courses out to schools and offers a wide range of correspondence courses to meet the needs of students across the school division. Technology has become an integral part of the school, with interactive Smartboards, Smart Tables, document cameras and a wide variety of other equipment available to enhance instruction.

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