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School-Wide (A-3) Goal

Our staff worked in Professional Learning Teams over the course of the year putting strategies in place, developing staff competencies, building student successes and tracking data. We had three targets this year. The work was displayed on a Viz Wall allowing visitors to our school to see the progress we made.


​1.  Blended Math:   Teachers from grade 3 to 9 attended workshops on Blended Math and then incorporated this into their classrooms. Students were hesitant at first but soon bought into the whole idea. Students were able to see what essentials skills they were lacking and began to fill in those gaps. In doing so, we have had an increase in math proficiency in those students. Students who were already at grade level and needed some enrichment were able to move ahead at their own pace. This allowed them to achieve at a higher level than required. The Blended Math has been a huge success in our school.





2.  Physical Literacy:   Our goal here was “to tackle the inactivity and unhealthy eating habits we see in some of our students” This was accomplished by using the Fit Stats program to monitor physical activity, planning more activities that get people moving such as walks, hockey games, baseball games, and by loading our vending machines with healthy snack options. There will always be more work to do in this area but we feel we are on the right track.




3.  Writing:  Our goal here was “to improve students’ ability in the writing process.” We specifically focused on the mechanical aspects of writing such as punctuation, sentence forms, etc. The writing process was modelled and formal lessons taught. The methods varied from Kindergarten to grade 12 and improvement was made in many of our students.