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It is essential that students regularly attend class in order to do well.  The information covered in a course of study includes a portion of material that cannot be replaced with books, worksheets, or studying.  It is also part of our professional responsibility to record student attendance and be able to verify its accuracy.  Seeing that one's attendance is so critical for the success of a student, the following guidelines will be used at DS.

     For students in Grades K-9 regular attendance is a priority.  Should the home room teacher feel that a student’s attendance needs to be discussed, s/he is encouraged to contact the parent(s) and discuss the effects the poor attendance is having on the student.  It is very important for the teacher to document the communication with the parent.  If attendance continues to be a concern, please discuss the issue with the administration to decide upon appropriate actions.

Classroom teacher will contact the office within the first 30 mins of the day to alert Barb to missing students.

For students in Grades 10-12 regular attendance is a priority.  The nature of the curriculum and instruction require a diligence with respect to their attendance. 

Spare Policy

1) Students in Grade 10 must take a full-load of classes and may not drop a class.  Exceptions will be made if it is in the best interest of the student.

2) Students in Grade 11 and 12 may opt to have a spare in their timetable.  Students who remain in the school during these spares must be in the student lounge, or under the supervision of a teacher.  It is expected that the student uses this time to study or complete course work.

Distance Education Policy

All students interested in taking a DLC course must do so in consultation with admin.  We have designated the library as our DLC room, and expect all students to be there for their scheduled work periods.

As a rule, we will allow a grade 10 student to take one DLC course during the year to prove their readiness for the rigors of such a course.  In grades 11 and 12, students that have demonstrated an ability to handle these courses, can choose elective based options that fit their course load.

Students that fall behind will be subject to a closed campus.  This means that they will not have the freedom to leave the school during their DLC period or any other spare until they are current in their course. 

Failure to comply with any part of this policy may require a student to withdraw from the course.  It may also prevent them from taking DLC courses in the future.

Absenteeism (10-12)

  1. After 5 absences, the teacher will contact the parents (email) to inform them.
  2. After 10 absences, will meet with parent and student to create a plan for improved attendance.  The teacher should share the plan with admin.
  3. At 15 absences, the teacher alerts Admin who will facilitate a meeting with all parties to review the attendance plan.  The academic consequences of continued poor attendance will be addressed and the original attendance plan may be revised.

** attendance concerns will be addressed at team – 5 is a concern

Classroom teacher will contact the office within the first 30 mins of the day to alert Barb to missing students.


At DS, we allow teachers to create their own policy for lates.  This ranges from late slips to students making up the time to students doing push-ups to gain entrance into the room.  While the choice of consequence is up to you as the teacher, we require that you have a policy of some kind and share it with admin.  This will help us ensure consistency and unify us in combatting student lates.


Students are encouraged to remain at the school for the entire day unless they have a valid reason for leaving.  Forgetting materials is not seen as a valid reason.  Students in grade 11 and 12, may leave the school during spares if the proper paperwork has been filled out and signed by parents.  Teachers or the office must contact the parents if any student is to return home during the school day. 


Grades 7-12

Examinations are an essential part of the teaching and learning process.  When a student misses an exam, the following procedures must be followed:

a) If a student is absent (unexcused) from any examination the teacher shall call the office at the start of the class to see if contact has been made.

b) When a student misses an exam, he/she will be expected to make arrangements the first day he/she returns to school as to when the exam will be written.  Should the student fail to do so, the teacher will initiate contact and set a date and time for such.  The exam will be scheduled at the teacher’s convenience.  The student must be supervised when writing the exam.

c) Students who do not turn in assignments or who miss exams will be expected to complete the assignment or exam before writing the final exam.  Failure to do so will result in an incomplete in the class.  An incomplete will result in the student not receiving a credit for that class.

d) Departmental exam dates are set and not subject to change.


At DS we believe that students need to complete each and every assignment as designated by the teacher.  The time frame in which the assignment is completed is as important as completing the assignment itself.  

If an assignment is not complete on the day that the assignment is due - the assignment is late.  It is the responsibility of each teacher to determine how late assignments will be dealt with. Students must be made aware of the process that will be used by the teacher. Please refer to Sun West’s Best Assessment Practices.

At reporting periods the classroom teacher will decide if a mark or an INC will be placed on the report card.  If the mark is not on the report card, then the teacher shall call home indicating what the actual mark is (prior to the report card going out).  When the assignments have been completed and the student mark is no longer INC, the teacher shall contact the parents to inform them of the change in the status of the student.    3 possible options to choose from could be a telephone call, email, or progress report with a couple of comments to explain.

Any incomplete assignments must be handed in by the last day of classes prior to the final exam.

Criteria for Valedictorian at Davidson School

A valedictorian is a representative of a graduating class who prepares and delivers a speech of farewell to their peers at the Graduation Exercises.

At our school we have traditionally allowed the graduating class to nominate candidates and then do a silent vote to determine who will fulfil this duty. 

In order to be considered candidates must:

  1. Have an average of 75% in their core 30 level subjects (ELA, one math elective, Canadian Studies, one science elective, and one subject of student choice from semester one) 
    • These averages will be based on semester one final marks and/or midterm marks of semester two if they are currently enrolled in one of the required courses listed above
  2. Be actively involved in our school in at least 2 areas—sports/leadership/arts/drama

A candidate pool will be nominated from the students.  The Valedictorian Committee, comprised of grad advisors and admin, will then sit down and ensure that the candidates meet the requirements.  The committee will present the final candidate list to the students to be voted on. 

Graduation policy

  • FIP students will graduate in the same year as the class they have spent their school years with or when they turn 18.  Student services will help make this decision.
  • Adult 12 student can participate in the Graduation Ceremony after they have completed all of the requirements (classes and 19 years of age or out of school system for 1 year)
  • Regular students must have 19 credits complete after S1 of their grade 12 year.  They must also be registered in enough classes to reach 24 or more credits for S2.
  1. April 1st, teachers will alert admin to those students who are failing/incomplete in one or more classes. This will be done via progress report.
  2. Admin will meet with the students and their parents.  This meeting will let the family know that the student is not passing and in jeopardy of not graduating.  Admin will inform student and parents that all classes must be current (passing and no outstanding assignments) by June 1st.  June 1st will be the hard deadline and students not current at this point will not be participating in the graduation ceremonies. 
  3. Admin will check student progress reports on May 1st.  Students that are still not current in their classes will have another meeting with Admin and their parents.  During this meeting, a strategic plan will be put into place to help the student meet the hard deadline of June 1st. Supports will be put into place and a case manager will be assigned.  If the student is not current (passing with all assignments in) by June 1st, they will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.  Admin will contact the parents to inform them.
  4. In exceptional situations, school staff may review the circumstances to determine student participation in the ceremony.