Box 700. 501 1st Street West Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0
Phone: 306-882-2677 / 1-866-375-2677(Toll-Free)
Fax: 306-882-3366

The Administrative Procedures are bolded, the coinciding Forms are italicized

AP 500 Budget

AP 501 School Decentralized Budget

AP 502 Staff Allocation

AP 505 School Fees

AP 510 Accounting and Auditing

AP 511 Management of School Generated Funds

AP 512 Tangible Capital Assets

AP 514 Inventory Management

AP 515 Purchasing

AP 517 Payments

AP 520 Fundraising

AP 525 Advertising, Corporate Sponsorship and Partnerships

AP 526 Charitable Donations

AP 530 Insurance Management

AP 540 Facilities Planning

AP 541 Naming of Schools, Division Buildings and Rooms

AP 542 Maintenance, Inspection and Safety

AP 543 Security, Break-In, Theft and Vandalism

AP 546 Chemical Management and Hazardous Materials Information System (WHIMS)


AP 547 Environmental Stewardship

AP 548 Community Use of School Facilities

AP 549 Decommissioning Schools and Disposal of Real Property

AP 550 Transportation of Students on a School Bus

AP 551 Special Use of School Buses

AP 552 Private Vehicle Use for Student Transportation

AP 555 School Bus Maintenance and Inspection

AP 556 School Bus Safety

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